Our Courts Are Open for Business: Visit Pickleball Station in Kent, WA!

If you’re in the King County area, then we have some great news for you!

We’ve just established Washington’s first dedicated indoor pickleball facility. Beginning May 1st, Pickleball Station will officially open to the public. Pickleball Station was founded by the same people who own and operate PickleballCentral. We’re considering it a “sister company” located in the same facility, but with a distinct and separate focus: Becoming your favorite place to play pickleball in the Seattle area.

With the amount of fellow picklers growing by the day, we’ve made it easier to get your pickleball fix!

Pickleball Station Logo

Areas of Focus

1. We will have 4 indoor courts available to the public. These courts will be available 7 days a week, from 7am – 10pm. These brand new courts feel like playing on an outdoor surface, but without the rain, snow, fog, and dirt!

2. Pickleball Station contains our Pro Shop. We have over 2,000 different products available for purchase including over 100 different models of paddles, balls, training aids, accessories and the industry’s best selection of pickleball apparel. The Pro Shop is staffed by real pickleball players who have expertise to help you find exactly what you need. It’s just like our online store, but in a physical brick & mortar location. Eventually, we’ll have the Pickleball Museum in our lobby.

3. The final area of focus are our Teaching, Training and Tournaments programs. We are so excited to have hired one of the region’s very best players as our new Pro Shop Manager. Peter Hudachko is a 5.0 player who has won multiple medals at prestigious tournaments. In addition to managing our court facilities and Pro Shop, he’ll develop our Teaching, Training and Tournaments Programs which will meet the needs of players of all skill levels.

Pickleball Station Courts

Pickleball Station Location

Come visit our new location and try out the fantastic courts for yourselves!

Our new address and phone number are:

Pickleball Station
22330 68th Ave South
Kent, Washington, 98032


Pickleball Station Activities

Again, the hours of operation are 7am – 10pm, seven days a week. You can get court time in one of three ways and do any of the following through the Pickleball Station website:

1. Reserve a Court: During May you can reserve a court for $15.00 per hour. This is an introductory rate, so you should come check out our facility and see what we offer. We provide courts with balls included – and you can choose from Dura or Pure 2 balls.

2. Come for Drop-In Play: During the month of May, we will be offering  drop-in play from 9:00 AM – Noon, and again from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM. The courts will be open first come, first served.  We will be limited the number of drop ins each day to make sure everyone gets court time! The introductory rate will be $5.00 per person for 3 hours.

3. Book a Lesson: If you want to work on improving your game and work one-on-one or in a small group (of up to four), you can book a lesson with Peter or one of his staff. One of our private pickleball lessons will allow you to learn the fundamentals and find your comfort zone. Or, if you’re already an accomplished player we guarantee we can help refine your game.  The lessons and instructional program will launch formally in late May or early June.  Introductory rates for lessons (including court time) are $50 per hour.

Pickleball Pro Shop

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing a series of events including local Pickleball Leagues and Pickleball Clinics! Stay tuned for more details.

We are so excited for this new facility and we can’t wait for you to join us. See you on the courts!

Pickleball Magazine Continues To Grow! Check Out The Latest Issue Online…

Pickleball Magazine has moved into its second year of operation, and we’re excited to see them continuing to publish fantastic tips, news and pro interviews from the world of pickleball. The publication provides a great look into the realm of both casual players and industry experts.

Many pros, coaches and manufacturers have contributed to the magazine to share cutting-edge information and exciting new developments in our favorite sport.

PBM Cover - April 2017

The latest edition has a couple must read articles including a great feature on stacking,  tips to playing on different surfaces, and a whole host of updates on tournaments and USAPA news.  If you’d like to take a look at the latest April 2017 issue, PBM has graciously allowed us to share an online version of it right here: Click to view.

If you’d prefer to have a physical issue delivered, we’d love to have you sign up for a mail subscription on our site. It only costs $18 a year for USAPA members or $24 for nonmembers.

(Note that it will say “Online Delivery” during checkout for shipping, but you will receive both the digital and physical editions.)

PBM 411 - April 2017

You’ll be getting the best of pickleball sent right to your door and support the folks who are seeking to improve the game. Congratulations to Wayne, the USAPA and the team over at Pickleball Magazine for their continued success—we’re big fans.

To our readers, enjoy the issue and keep on picklin’!

Tournament Tips: The Happy Trails Classic and the Power of Committees

Mike McKay has directed two tournaments which involved over 20 committees of volunteers. Thanks to his strong sense of organization and the teams’ efforts, each competition has run smoothly. If you want to get an idea of what it takes to manage a big group of volunteers, Mike is your guy!  


Mike McKay (center) with his pickleball buddies.

What is the name of your tournament?

The Happy Trails Classic. This was the 14th year of the tournament. As for me, this the second one that I’ve directed. I’ve helped in different capacities in the past as more of a worker bee. 

Was there a club hosting the tournament? Name of the club?

The Happy Trails Pickleball Club in Surprise, Arizona. It’s a northwestern suburb of Phoenix.

When was your tournament?

January 16 through the 20th. Our tournament ran over five days. 

Where was your tournament?

Happy Trails RV Resort in Surprise, Arizona. 

How many players registered for the tournament?

455 players registered.

How many courts were available for the tournament? Indoor court or outdoor courts?

We had 10 pickleball courts. 4 were temporary courts. They were all outdoor. It’s a blessing in Arizona. There’s not too much indoor stuff because weather isn’t too bad. This year though, we had some weather to contend with. On Thursday, 10 in the morning, we had showers water down the courts, and had to suspend play. From Thursday to Friday, we had to dry the courts four different times.


The pickleball community gets together to dry off the courts.

We had to put beach towels on top of the court to help dry, and then wring out the towels. Across from our venue, we had to go the laundromat, and dump quarters into it. We had to go 4 times! Everyone is hunched over, dragging towels over, ruining our backs. It was quite a challenge, and the club stepped to it. It was really a great memory for me, and I think the community in total. 

What events/brackets did you offer?  

It was men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles. Our tournament was a culmination of skill and age. We had 50-59, 60-69, and 70 & up.

We hired pickleballtournaments.com to keep track of our brackets. We got a phone call from four guys in the area that were over 80 years young.They wanted to know if we would get them medals. We ended up making that work out. Pickleballtournaments.com scheduled them in the 70+ bracket first thing in the morning to play each other. They got their medals. It was a great memory.


The Event Desk overseeing a successful tournament.

Did you have a team working with you? What were their delegated tasks/roles?

We had over 20 committees that performed a lot of different tasks. 210 to 215 volunteers over the course of fives days  with many people doing many jobs different days. We try to keep the shifts shorter about 4 hours max so it’s fun for the people and not so much quote-unquote work. If you make that work fun, everyone is going to have a much more enjoyable time.

  • Check-in
  • Runners (They keep the courts full. To be timely and efficient with your day, as soon as you get the results from the most distant court to the tournament event desk, the faster you’re putting the next match out.)
  • Run the Boards at the Event Desk (Get the announcements out to keep the courts full.)
  • Court Maintenance
  • Hospitality
  • Parking Shuttles (Players had to park 3/10 of a mile away. People are directed to the parking lot, and then a shuttle crew with golf carts would cart people back and forth from 6 in the morning until the end of the day.)
  • Photography
  • Seating
  • Managing Referee
  • Safety Committee 
  • Social Committee  (This included overseeing a dinner and dance.)
  • Vendors
  • Signage
  • Lunches 
  • Technical Support
  • Posting (This person gets the results from the Runner at the Event Desk. They would input the results into pickleballtournaments.com software. They would also update the brackets so friends and families of players can figure out which court their loved ones are playing on.)
  • Fruit Gatherers

Did you seek sponsors for your tournament? Who were the sponsors? What did the sponsor contribute?

We don’t really seek out sponsors. Our resort really doesn’t allow us to hang banners on the fencing. We did have PickleballCentral. They were great to us. They gave us 625 of their nice, bright orange drawstring bags that we used as player gifts. We’ve got 455 players, so we had a bag for each of them. We had all these items that we gathered and purchased for each player, typically a t-shirt and a bottle of water.

We stuffed about 500 of them. Here in our park, we strung out 40 tables to fill these bags. We’ve got groups of ladies and men that will play 1 to 3 on Thursday, and after they play they’d stuff these bags. So we put food items, water, notices for other tournaments, pens, and gifts. We even had toothbrushes.

Was the tournament a fundraising event? For what charity or cause? How much did you raise?

It was a little bit of a fundraiser. We take the money for court improvements. We’ve benefited by benches, shade structures, and new nets for the resort.


Mike McKay and his wife after a hard-played game.

Did you offer refreshments? Or sell food/drink at the event?

Here at our resort, we have a little restaurant. It’s all run by volunteers. We are fortunate to have this group of volunteers.  We had Waldorf salads. We had ciabatta sandwiches. Bratwurst was a big hit on the rainy day! We had chicken salad croissants. There were just so many great options. Each lunch consisted of  a menu item, chips, and a drink for $5.00. By doing all of this with volunteers, it keeps the food costs down.

We went through 12 jars of pickles! When you play this silly sport, people get leg cramps. Vinegar helps with the leg cramps. Players carry around packets of mustard for the same reason.

We also had 10 dozen donuts every morning to start.

We are huge on hospitality. Everything is free. I don’t care if you’re a player. If you’re playing, and your family or friends want something, they can help themselves. I don’t care if you’re a player or someone walking down the sidewalk.

Did you charge a registration fee? How much?

It was $45.00 to register, and then $5.00 for each event. So if you played men’s doubles and mixed, it was $45 plus $10.

Anything special or unique about your tournament?

It’s a very welcoming tournament. It’s got a great reputation. And the demand has grown so fast. Pickleballtournaments.com told us that our tournament was the first time women’s doubles filled before the men’s!

What are your top tips for people putting on a tournament like yours?

If somebody is putting a tournament together, include a lot of people. You’re going to need a lot of help. Start quite a bit early. You’re going to have a lot of challenges pop up. You’ll have to revert to “plan b” a lot of times.

Try to make it as fun as possible, especially for the volunteers. It’s just pickleball. Nobody’s making a living at this. It’s a very social game that brings people together. 

Start early enough. Don’t wait too long to start. I benefited from taking over from someone else. A lot of people have done it 12 years prior to me. I’m already talking over something that’s in place instead of starting anew.

Our tournament ended the January 20th. We have next January scheduled already. We have meetings and dates already set. All the committee chairs are established for next year as well.

I think there’s a tournament checklist on USAPA. I would recommend anyone new to this to check out the guidelines: Tournament director’s checklist. There’s a lot of food for thought on there that’s very helpful.

Running your event through pickleballtournaments.com is great and is a very reasonable fee.


Meet The Pros: Manish Rao

Meet the Pros: Manish Rao – #change is inevitable #Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change

playing pickleball in Bangkok, Thailand.

#proliterebel #reverethegear #bangkokopen #bronze with My partner Sachin Mandrekar All well that ends well — playing pickleball in Bangkok, Thailand.

We are always on the lookout for good news stories about the game of pickleball.  Manish Rao is very happy about pickleball coming into his life.  He posted on Facebook recently:

This (Facebook) post is not about ego-boosting or self-marketing, it’s just a post to show gratitude to people who have made a big difference in my life. In 2011 I was reduced to minimal activity due to my back issue, sciatica. It kept me away from all sports and thus resulted in a huge weight increase, and signs of prosperity by means of hair loss. I was living in the world of fooling myself and kept saying I can’t change as it’s destiny. But its not destiny which has to change but the mind has to. Will power is important, but more important is to find the right people in the walk of life who can make this change happen through their positive thoughts.

In March, 2014 one lazy Sunday evening I met Sunil Valavalkar, who, along with his team, gave me a demonstration of an unknown game called pickleball. At that time I didn’t know that my life would change so drastically because of that Sunday. My great friend Ravi Shetty and I took the demonstration of this sport to our building and since then this sport has become my life. Its been 2-3 years that I have been playing this sport and this sport is responsible for me being happy and healthy, along with that it has given me friends all across the world. I am totally indebted to sir Sunil Valavalkar and pickleball. Not only the mental agility has increased but my physical ability is at an all time high. Sports can elevate self-confidence to a level which cannot be imagined. I am thankful to all these people in my life who were there for me at the right time and hence my life changed for the better. If not for all those people who have been a part of my wonderful journey, I would have been a Mr. Nobody sulking in life and just existing in life and not living life. I am not saying that I am the happiest person in life and no worries or stress at all. All I am saying is that my life is much better than what I had expected. Today I have a great family, a lovely sports career and a bunch of great friends. #bepositive #nevergiveup

There is always more to the story, so we asked him the following Meet The Pros questions. Enjoy!

Can you list for us your major tournament wins?

Gold : Men’s Doubles  : Atlantic Regional ( Portland Maine) June 2016 : Partner Ravi Shetty ( New York ) 3.5 level
Gold : Men’s Doubles : 2016 : Nationals  winner : Venue : Jaipur : Partner Bhushan Potnis

 Silver : Doubles : 2015 : Nationals : @ Haryana , Panipat : partner Sachin Mandrekar
Gold :  Mumbai Open : 2017 : Jan : Partner Bhushan Potnis
Gold :  State Open : 2016 : Partner Bhushan Potnis
Gold :  Mumbai District : 2015 : Partner Sachin Mandrekar
Silver: Mumbai District : 2016 : Partner : Bhushan Potnis

Rebel PowerSpin

Rebel PowerSpin

What paddle do you play with and why?

Early on I used to play with the Paddletek Bantam EX-L. In 2016, I shifted to  thePro-Lite Rebel. I’m loving it for the balance and spin control. I totally feel like a Rebel with this paddle and can’t imagine playing pickleball with with anything but this piece of art. #proliteproud: #Rebel  I really am thankful to Pro-Lite for providing me with these amazing paddles.

What’s your pickleball story? How were you introduced to pickleball?

In my childhood I used to play a modified sport kind of like pickleball in our building premises. We played the game with a tennis ball and handmade paddles on the badminton court. So when we participated in the demo of this sport in 2014, we were totally hooked on the game immediately. It’s been almost 3 years now since I started this game and I’m a total addict; on days I don’t play pickleball I get withdrawal symptoms. We’ve made a dedicated court on our building premises, so every day is pickleball day!

What’s your preference – playing indoor or outdoor?

I love playing outdoors!

Do you like singles or doubles better? Why?

I am a doubles player and love the doubles game as its a game of strategy and planning unlike in single. I love the patience involved in the doubles game and the bonding with the partner makes it special, hence I always prefer the doubles game.

What’s your favorite place to play? Why?

Manish withbuddies

Pickleball buddies Sachin Mandrekar, Saumitra Korgaonkar, Bhushan Potnis, Sunil Joshi, Abhijit Madbhavi and Ashutosh Madbhavi.

My favorite place to play pickleball is my Home Court @ Mumbai, Mangal Kripa. This has been my residence since childhood and to have a dedicated court for this amazing sport makes it special. I love playing on this court as we are a group of highly passionate pickleball players under one roof.

What’s your secret sauce? Any tips for players?

The secret is nothing but just love of this sport and having a passion for the game. Once the passion is there it’s just a matter of time to master the game. The main thing about this game is to have patience. This game is like chess, its more mind work than power. The less the errors, the more wins.

What’s your day job?

I am the CEO of my own Business of Security Automation systems, Electromech Automation Pvt Ltd. I have been involved with this firm for the last 25 years.

How many hours a week do you play? How do you make time to play?

I play approximately 7 to 9 hours in a week. We play in the evening every day after work on week days from 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm, and on weekends we try to play twice a day.

Any lucky rituals before a big tournament?

I don’t believe in luck much; however, the harder I work , the luckier I get! The only ritual before the tournament is to FOCUS and not get distracted!

Do you have any pickleball goals you’d like to share?

Personally, the only goal I have for pickleball is to see this game grow in India exponentially. I want to play in the USOPEN in 2018 and every year after that! That’s a goal I want to fulfill. Personally this game has given me immense pleasure in life and changed my complete outlook for life! 

Anything else you’d like to share about your pickleball experience?

Oh, this is very tricky question; I can go on and on about my experience of pickleball. I will try to give a few.

I always was a sports man, but in 2010 an injury to my back got me into lazy mode resulting in putting on lots of weight. It has changed only by the addition of pickleball into my life. I got back to sports as this sport is non-invasive and easy on the body initially. The addiction of this sport gave me the will power to over come my back injury and made my goal to lose weight fast. Totally I have lost 14 kilograms in one year, all due to pickleball!

I am a short-tempered person, but I can safely say that due to this game and its very nature of requiring patience with the shots, especially dinks, it  has worked wonders with my temperament. I am much more relaxed and generally don’t lose my top over silly things! My confidence level is at the highest level nowadays and the interaction with the younger generation for coaching of pickleball gets me energized. I am also happy to be the First Indian Player to be officially in a sports gear contract for Pickleball in India, thanks to team PROLITE! This has been a real boost to me to make this game grow more and more. This game has been a game-changer for me and for my family. I am happy that my wife Ashwini and my daughter Tanya are a avid pickleballers too.

Thank you Manish for sharing your enthusiasm for this wonderful game of Pickleball.  See you at the USOPEN in 2018!


The IFP Bainbridge Cup 2017 – Pickleball History in the Making

It’s a rare moment indeed when you can be part of an historic sporting event.

In 1927, when Great Britain visited the United States to play in the first Ryder Cup, they had no idea the spectacle it would become. Nor did fans or players foresee how big the World Cup would grow when they experienced the first Cup in Uruguay in 1930.

International Pickleball Tournament - Spain 2016

International Pickleball Tournament – Spain 2016

Now it’s pickleball’s turn to make history with the launch of the IFP Bainbridge Cup. Due to the rapid growth of Pickleball around the world, the future of pickleball’s Intercontinental Team Competition appears bright, with the inaugural event set to take place in Madrid Spain, September 15, 2017. The IFP is the International Federation of Pickleball, the governing body of the sport and the organizer of the Cup.

Bainbridge Cup Format

The Bainbridge Cup features two teams: “Team North America” and “Team Europe” (with the possibility of a third “Rest of the World” team). Each Team will compete to take home the first ever Bainbridge Cup trophy. Participation in the Cup is open to ALL players who register, thus players of all age and skill levels are invited to take part.

The format includes Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles Matches, and all players are guaranteed a minimum of four matches. It will be a round robin format with players grouped by skill and age. The Team with the most points (match victories) over the course of the day will be crowned the winner.

Join the Team

Playing in the Cup offers a unique opportunity to join the Team of some of the biggest names in pickleball: Team “North America” players include Marcin Rozpedski, Jennifer Lucore, Kyle Yates, Simone Jardim, Alice Tym, Rob and Jodi Elliott, and Daniel Moore. For Team Europe, top players include Oliver Strecker, Ernesto Cardenas, Faye Plummer, Carlos Perez, Cyril Dirand, Leonardo Gonzalez, Gema Garcia and Ian Medhurst.

IFP Bainbridge Cup Logo - 2017 Spain

 5 Full Days of Pickleball

Immediately following the Cup competition (Friday, Sept. 15) will be another international competition: on September 16 and 17 the 3rd Annual International Pickleball Tournament will be held at the same location as the Cup. Therefore, there will be three consecutive days of competition at the same location: September 15, 16 and 17, 2017. In addition, the Pickleball Pros in attendance will be offering free clinics on the two days prior to the competition, on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 13 and 14.

Venue and Early Registration

The Cup and International Tournament will be played at Ciudad de la Raqueta (Racquet City), one of Madrid’s premier racquet sport clubs. There will be 20 competitive courts and a Championship Court with stadium seating. Early registration runs until May 31st. The event is filling up fast so registration is encouraged now to ensure a spot. Registration and detailed Cup information is available at PickleballTournaments.com.

Podium Shot - Spain International Tournament 2016

Podium Shot – Spain International Tournament 2016

See the Sites of Spain

Madrid, Spain’s vibrant capital city, is full of history, culture, a festive environment and wonderful gastronomy. It is home to the Royal Palace as well as the Prado Museum, which features one of the finest art collections in the world. Tour activities have been organized to allow participants to make the most of their trip. For more information send an email to info@pickleballspain.org.

Be a Part of History

It all adds up to five days of fantastic pickleball and history being made. And you can be part of it all, as a player or spectator. Years from now, when Pickleball is an Olympic Sport and the Bainbridge Cup is televised by ESPN, you can say, “I was there at the very beginning of it all.”


— Mike Hess, President of the IFP

Raise Your Floor… Not Your Ceiling

Sorry, no HGTV tips here. Just PickleballSpeak!

Ever had one of those days on the court where nothing feels right, nothing goes right and the weakest player in your community is smiling because he or she just collected their first win from you and will never, ever let you forget?

Pickleball winners

Pickleball winners (Credit: Michael D. Martin)

First, if there is any joy in winning, why not give a little joy? Second, we’ve all been there. But some players, whether in recreational or tournament play, are able to perform well no matter the opponents, ball, venue, wind, temperature or emotional state. They have raised their floor to a level of consistency that gets past those first rounds of tournament play until the muscle and mind are in sync and performing.

My wife and I showed up late to the beautiful Freedom Park courts in Palm Desert a couple days ago just after I took two silvers in Marcin Rozpedski’s tournament. We planned to just drill slowly that morning, but within a few minutes we were facing some outstanding players who were feeling great and banging away. One even had my Selkirk Omni 31P XO paddle (I love getting beat by someone with my paddle)!

Anyway, in order to prevail, we really had to focus and play well with almost no warm up! I was afraid that I would have to donate my trophies to the club otherwise!

Pickleball jump

One way to raise your floor is to jump off of it! (Credit: Chad Ryan)

My floor is often too low, but here are a couple things I think about to try and raise my floor:

1. Find your rhythm by watching the spinning ball. Which way is it spinning? Did I see the blur of my paddle hit the ball? Don’t be distracted by opponents or your partner. There is only a ball and a beat. Feet dancing. Back, bounce, swing. How many balls can I return in a row without mistakes?

2. Be consistent rather than banging away. Bangers often have low floors because balls either go long or in the net. Give every ball a life by hitting over the net and in. Make your opponents beat you with extraordinary shots. Then smile and congratulate them.

3. Warm up for at least 45 minutes prior to an important first match. Get relaxed. Hit at least ten great third shots in a row. I smile at players who spend lots of time and money going to tournaments and then warm up for only ten minutes prior to their first match when they know that their peak performance normally doesn’t occur till after an hour or two of play—and that they can sustain that level for many hours.

Finger on paddle

Player showing proper finger-on-paddle-face form (Credit: Baliboa Racquet)

4. Grab your paddle more firmly with your finger on the face. This can reduce the wrist action required in strokes. Wrist action in pickleball is tricky because players cannot “grab” the ball with topspin as in tennis or ping pong. Striking the ball more squarely with a firm wrist improves consistency.

5. Drill, baby, drill. Spend less of your time playing games, and more time drilling with a partner.

Some players have very high ceilings and very low floors… and they find it difficult to attract great partners. Players with lower ceilings but much higher floors attract great partners. Being a top club or tournament player demands consistently strong performance through ten to twenty games.

I would love to hear other thoughts or tips from players on raising their floor level of play.


Tournament Tips: The Delaware Senior Olympics, Finding the Right Resources

Sue Brooker helps run the Delaware Senior Olympics in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. With over 150 participants at each tournament, she relies on a group of volunteers to manage the busy event. We appreciate her taking the time to share her work with with us! 

Susan Brooker and Georgia Billger

What is the name of your tournament?

The Delaware Senior Olympics Pickleball Tournament. Every other year we have the opportunity to qualify for the National Senior Olympics.  In order to qualify, you must come in first through fourth in the Delaware Senior Olympics Pickleball Tournament. Our qualifiers are going to Birmingham, AL the first week of June to play in the Nationals which should see over 600 pickleball players from throughout the 50 states of US and Canada.

Was there a club hosting the tournament? Name of the club?

The Delaware Senior Olympics hosted the tournament. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer, sports and fitness organization with a 20+ member Board of Directors. Founded in 1991, the organization’s mission is to promote healthy lifestyles and fitness for senior adults through competitive and non-competitive athletic activities. 

 DE Senior Olympics 002

When was the tournament?

I’ve presided over two tournaments so far. One in September of 2015 and one in September of 2016. I’ll be managing another one this year on September 8th through the 10th. We’re going from two days to three days. Also, since this is a non-qualifying year, we are expanding the participation from just 50+ to 90+ age group  to 30+ year-olds to 90+ year-olds.

I also participate as a Sponsor for numerous small tournaments in Delaware and Maryland yearly as well, offering my expertise wherever I could. I was also instrumental in bringing the first pickleball pro, Sarah Ansboury, to the state last October to offer seminars to over 100 participates.

Where was your tournament?

The first tournament took place in 2015 at Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware. Last year and this year, our tournament will again take place at the Levy Court Kent County Recreational Center 1683 New Burton Road, Dover, DE  19904; 302-744-2495.

How many players registered for the tournament?

In 2015 we had 146 players. In 2016, we hit capacity at 175. We had to close registration three weeks early since we were full. That is another reason we are going to three days this year. We have players come from all over the United States. From California to Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, and Connecticut. And I’m only mentioning a few states. We have always had more out-of-state than in-state players. Our tournament is recognized as one of the best  tournaments in a five state surrounding area.

How many courts were available for the tournament?

There were twelve indoor courts. 

What events/brackets did you offer? 

Women’s and Men’s Doubles plus Mixed Doubles and Men’s and Women’s Singles. Age brackets play 30 to 39, 40 to 49 and 50 to 54 and every five years. Skill levels are asked so we can put top skilled players in byes as well as against one another. According to National Senior Games rules, you must play in your own age group, not by skill. 

Did you have a team working with you? What were their delegated tasks/roles?

I’ve always believed that you’re only as good as the volunteer staff around you. I have captains that oversee each area. They recruit others to help them and then report to me if any issues arise. These key captains are:

  • Referees
  • Fundraising
  • First Aid
  • Sign In
  • IT (since one of the first tasks was to bring our tournament from handwriting to computerizing through Pickleballtournaments.com)
  • Master of Ceremonies/ Announcer
  • Set up
  • Final Clean Up.  Each captain recruits others to help them and they report to me.

Did you seek sponsors for your tournament? Who were the sponsors? What did the sponsor contribute?

Most sponsors want their name out there! I have been very lucky to get sponsors that offer giveaways at no cost. They just want a place at the tournament to sell their products. All these sponsors are listed on our Website with Pickleballtournaments.com. We also post their banners at no cost in our facility during the tournament.
I continue to court my sponsors year long! Just ask PickleballCentral! Last year, they gave us sunglasses to give away and we posted picks after the tournament of players wearing the glasses. We took them to Oregon and Florida this past month, too.Thanks Again PickleballCentral!

Susan with fellow pickleballer, Diane.

Was the tournament a fundraising event? For what charity or cause? How much did you raise?
We at Delaware Senior Olympics have been involved with helping to raising money for YMCA and Toys for Tots.  We have fundraising tables at the tournament where we sell sponsor giveaways. We raised over $1,100 last year at the fundraising table.
Did you offer refreshments? Or sell food/drink at the event?
We did in 2015. We had water containers and took sandwich orders. However, last year we found that the best way to go was with food trucks. We will do that again this year. Our facility has a number of water fountains that you can fill water containers with.
Did you charge a registration fee? Yes How much?
We charge $20 which is a membership to Delaware Senior Olympics. It is $11 per event entered.
Anything special or unique about your tournament?
We believe in having fun from the beginning to end. We make a big deal out of handing out medals. We take pictures of all winners and have it so that they can download them for free. We also have a great award ceremony that is decorated with our banner and our slogan for the year. Last year it was, “Pickleballers Don’t Quit!” The year before’s slogan was, “Past, Present, Future of Pickleball!”

Sue with pickleball partner, Patty Woodruff

What are your top tips for people putting on a tournament like yours?
Learn to be flexible and listen to your volunteers. They know how to do their jobs! Keep it light and fun. Play pickleball in the tournament. That makes you accessible to everyone. Walk around and see how things are going.
Make sure you have a first-aid table manned by nurses or CPR-trained professionals. We had 3 AEDs (automated external defibrillator) at our facility, and brought another one as well. It is surprising how few tournaments realize the importance of AEDs. We have also a cooler full of ice and first-aid kits.
Do a little planning everyday, and learn from others who are in the know!  Reach out to your local and surrounding states Ambassadors. They can help too.