Local Pickleball Guides – Anchorage, Alaska and Beyond…

Local Pickleball Guides – Anchorage, Alaska and Beyond…

Pickleball Folks Alaska

Alaska Pickleball Club

The Alaska Pickleball Club is devoted to sharing the fastest growing sport in the nation to the great State of Alaska, according to their Facebook page.

USAPA Ambassadors – Alaska

Alaskan Pickleball Ambassadors have a BIG area to cover when promoting the game of pickleball.
If you need help getting a pickleball group started in your neighborhood, just get in touch with one of the following folks:

Anchorage — Donald Sutherland 907-240-6215 Anchorage AK
Fairbanks — Dalonna Cooper 907-388-6852 Fairbanks AK
Metlakatla — Dan Leask 907-886-3786 Metlakatla AK
Metlakatla — HB Tyler 907-617-4249 Metlakatla AK

Pickleball Court Construction Contractors: Alaska

If you need help getting a pickleball group started in your neighborhood, just get in touch with one of the following folks:Dynamic Sports Construction for information in building indoor sport courts in Alaska.

Alaska Pickleball Clubs

Alaska Pickleball Club
If you are looking for people who play pickleball in Alaska, you will find them by googling “pickleball Alaska” or searching the USAPA.org website, Places to Play, Alaska.  We found 3 pickleball clubs in Alaska:

University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Dome Pickleball Club
Fairbanks Pickleball Club

Pickleball Tournaments in Alaska

Check out the Alaska International Senior Games for friendly pickleball competition in Alaska.

Alaska Pickleball Related News and Youtube Videos

Read here about pickleball in the City of Homer

Read here about Borough opening a pair of pickleball courts at Big Dipper

Watch here for a video featuring pickleball in Ketchikan:

Live in Ketchikan: PickleBall!  What the Heck is it?

Local Pickleball Guide – Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Local Pickleball Guide – Ft. Wayne, Indiana

SportOne Pickleball Court

SportOne Parkview Fieldhouse, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Ft. Wayne, Indiana….what does the name of the city bring to mind?  Well, unless you are a true Hoosier, you’ll probably be scratching your head, saying Ft. Who?   It is a great town, where three rivers meet and the people who live there have a sense of pride about their city.  

Pickleball has taken hold in Ft. Wayne, mostly because the majority of the folks living in there are age 45 and up.  It is a beautiful place, the home of Johnny Appleseed, and the home of the USAPA Regional Tournament which will be held August 14-16, 2015. 

Pickleball Courts Around Ft. Wayne

On the USAPA website, the listing of places to play pickleball in Ft. Wayne include the following:

Lions Park, 3257 Carew Street
SportOne Parkview Fieldhouse, 3946 Ice Way
Franke Park Pavillion #1, 3411 Sherman Boulevard
YWCA Dupont/Parkview, 10001 Dawson Creek
YWCA Downtown, 347 Berry Street

USAPA Ambassadors – Ft. Wayne

USAPA Pickleball Ambassadors are volunteers who have pledged to promote the sport of pickleball and the USAPA in the local area they have applied to represent. They may be individuals or couples, or a group of ambassadors working together as a team. The main prerequisite is a love of the sport and the desire to share our game with others of all ages. Some full-time RV’ers are Ambassadors ‘at large’ who promote our sport during their travels. In Fort Wayne, the local pickleball ambassador is Kenneth Flora, PHONE NUMBER: 260-416-0574.

Pickleball Court Construction Contractors: Ft. Wayne

Anyone looking for information about how to build a local sport court should contact Lawrence Building Corporation.

Ft. Wayne, Indiana Pickleball Clubs

You can find information about pickleball in Ft. Wayne through the  Ft. Wayne Pickleball Association 

Pickleball Tournaments Near Ft. Wayne

If you are out to compete, there are a couple of local options in Ft. Wayne:

Active Aging Week Pickleball Tournament

Click to access 48f57b_6f531b4292694ee198992474c639eb0c.pdf

USAPA Great Lakes Regional Pickleball Tournament

Pickleball Articles from Ft. Wayne 

The City of Ft. Wayne Parks and Recreation Department has a page that describes places to play and recent pickleball news.


5.0 Ranked Players Around Ft. Wayne

Josh Grubbs
Zachary Grubbs

Ft. Wayne Pickleball Related Youtube Videos

2014 Regional Great Lakes Pickleball Tournament



Local Pickleball Guide – “Pickleburg”, Virginia

Local Pickleball Guide – Pickleburg, Virginia

Pickleburg parade

OK, so, now that I have your attention, there is an official “Pickleburg” in Virginia – online! Go ahead, google it!  It’s the online home of pickleball in Williamsburg, Virginia!

Pickleburg players

Pickleball Courts Around Pickleburg

If you are in the Pickleburg “neighborhood”, these are some of the places you can go to play pickleball:

James City County Recreation Center – Mon-Fri 7am-11am
Mid County Park, James City County – Tu/Thur/Sat 8am-11am
Colonial Heritage – Mon-Fri 8am to Noon, Weds, 7:30 PM and Sun 8am **Private Community, No Public Usage
For a listing of public places to play, check this link

 If you are in the Newport News neighborhood, you can play at the following locations:
  • Brittingham Midtown Community Center, 9-12, Tuesdays and Fridays, 570 McLawhorne Drive
  • Denbigh Community Center, Thursdays 1-5, Fridays 1-4, 15198 Warwick Boulevard
 If you are at Virginia Beach,  outdoor courts available for friendly competition:
  • Bayville Farms Park 4132 First Court Road
  • Lynnhaven Park 1246 Bayne Drive
  • Woodstock Park 5709 Providence Road
 Indoor courts available at the following Recreation Centers in Virginia Beach (Check in advance):
  • Princess Anne Recreation Center
  • Bayside Recreation Center
  • Great Neck Recreation Center
  • Kempsville Recreation Center
  • Williams Farm Recreation Center
  • Bow Creek Recreation Center

USAPA Ambassadors – Pickleburg

According to the United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA), Ambassadors are volunteers who have pledged to promote the sport of pickleball and the USAPA in the local area they have applied to represent.  The USAPA Ambassadors in the Williamsburg-Pickleburg area are:
Jeff Anthony,  Williamsburg-James City – 757-593-7354pickleburg_hat
Mike Roberts, aka “Pickleball Mike”, Henrico-GLoucester Counties – 804-641-6816


Pickleball Court Construction Contractors: Pickleburg

If you are looking for information about installing or re-surfacing a sport court for pickleball, you will find Sport Court of Virginia – 103 Holly Rd., Williamsburg, VA 23185, 888-345-1309, to be a good resource.

Pickleball Tournaments Near Pickleburg 

Pickleball Court

There are a few Tournaments in Virginia.  Check them out:

Williamsburg Fall Classic Pickleball Tournament
USAPA Atlantic Regional Pickleball Tournament
Henrico Spring Pickleball Tournament
Hanover Spring Senior Tournament
Battle of the Paddle
Pickleball Tournament at the Center of the Universe

Latest Headlines from Pickleburg (AKA Williamsburg), VA

Williamsburg Parks and Rec Starting Pickleball Program this Winter

Pickleball Articles and Youtube Videos from Pickleburg 


7/29/15 – The Williamsburg-James City County School Board unanimously approved a contract to replace (not resurface) the 6 tennis courts at Jamestown High School. This project will also include the addition of pickleball lines (black) for all 6 courts as well.  Work on the complete replacement of the tennis courts will begin soon and is projected to be completed by early October. Details on use policy/hours will be posted here as soon as available.







Virginia Pickleball Tournament Rene vs Simon

Local Pickleball Guide – Lower East “Mitten”, Michigan

Local Pickleball Guide – Detroit “Lower East Mitten”, Michigan

We love to hear about Pickleball Clubs that dig in and have fun, no matter what the weather!  Here’s the latest “Scoop” on the Detroit Suburbs, otherwise known as SE “Mitten”, Michigan. 

Due Donlin playing pickleball with a Z5

Sue Donlin at Whittier Park, Royal Oak, Michigan

USAPA Ambassadors – Michigan 

The Michigan list of USAPA Pickleball Ambassadors includes:
SE Michigan — Gary Bejin 248-770-7589 Waterford MI
SE Michigan — Chuck Dominick 248-224-5188 Rochester Hills MI
SE Michigan — Peggy Murphy Kurza 586-779-7660 Grosse Pointe Woods MI
SE Michigan — Pam Mackowski 248-828-7395 Troy MI
SE Michigan — Ray Snay 586-322-6142 Shelby Township MI
All of these folks are willing to help in the promotion of the sport of pickleball in their community.  They know everything about the game and can lend a hand if you want to get a new group of “picklers” off the ground.

Pickleball Court Constructors in Michigan

You can find information about building new pickleball courts by contacting the company listed below:
Sport Court, Michigan http://www.sportcourtmi.com/commercial.php?gclid=CNuVsLy2yMACFQiDfgod8QwACA

Michigan Pickleball Clubs

Pickleball Clubs and YMCAs are the best place to go to find pickleball aficionados!  Check out the following in your area:

Royal Oak Pickleball Club
Royal Oaks Pickleball https://www.facebook.com/RoyalOakPickleballClub
Carl’s Family YMCA http://ymcadetroit.org/carls/healthy-living/sports-recreation/adult-pickleball

Pickleball Tournaments in Michigan

Check out the list of tournaments in Michigan.  Take your pick:

Royal Oak Michigan Tournament
State Games of Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI
Annual Pickleball Fun Tournament
Meijer State Games of Michigan
Toledo Pickleball Glass City Tournament
Michigan Senior Olympics, Summer Games

5.0 Ranked Players in Michigan

Where there are 5.0 Pickleball players there are opportunities to learn new skills!

Bremnath (Prem) Carnot, Empire, MI
Bart C Ford, Cedar, MI
James K Hackenberg, Kalamazoo, MI
Paul D Sprainitis, Canton, MI
Carolyn A Ebbinghaus, Traverse City, MI
Wendy W Garrido, Empire, MI
Yvonne M Hackenberg, Kalamazoo, MI

Pickleball Lessons in Michigan

Pickleball Guru Clinic

Rochester, MI – Free 50+ Beginner Pickleball Lessons-Wednesdays 09:30am–10:30am  Rochester Older Persons’ Commission, 650 Letica Drive, Rochester, MI 48307

There is no need for a partner and OPC provides all equipment. FREE for anyone 50 or older. You do not need to be a member of OPC for these lessons. Upon the completion of the beginner lessons you are invited to stay for Beginner/Mentor Games from 10:30am-11:30am. For more information, contact OPC at (248) 608-0295.

Royal Oak, MI – Free Lessons Tuesday evenings 06:30pm beginning Jun2–Jun 30
Whittier Park Pickleball Complex, E. Farnum Ave (North of 11 Mile and east of Main), Royal Oak MI

Don’t overlook any opportunity to learn from the “Pickleball Guru” Prem Carnot!

Pickleball Courts Around Michigan

So if you are looking for places to play in lower east “mitten” Michigan, check out the links below, and have fun:

Birmingham, Michigan
Farmington Hills
Royal Oak

Michigan Pickleball Related News and Youtube Videos

Live Long, Live Well in Michigan has created a great video on how to play pickleball.  Check it out!

Take a look at this article posted by aHealthierMichigan.org:



Great Lakes Pickleball

See the “mitten”?

Local Pickleball Guide – Bend, Oregon

Local Pickleball Guide – Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon has a motto: “It’s Where you Go to Play,” and pickleball popularity is growing by leaps and bounds in this recreational mecca!  Enjoy!

Bend Oregon Pickleball Courts


The introduction to pickleball on the Bend Oregon Recreation website states:  “OK, we’ll admit it sounds like a sport someone made up after too many stops on the Bend Ale Trail. But pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America.”  Bend boasts “a startling abundance of world-class breweries clustered close together like the gold at the end of a big beer rainbow.”  Bend has more breweries per-capita than any other city in Oregon, and the social aspect of pickleball fits in nicely with the “Bend Ale Trail”.

Pickleball Courts Around Oregon

There are 11 places to play pickleball in Bend and 7 places to play in nearby communities. You can find a complete listing on the Bend Pickleball website.  There are 8 new pickleball courts in Pine Nursery Park, with construction on eight more under way!

USAPA Ambassadors – Oregon

Every community has a group of volunteers who promote the sport of pickleball and carry the title “Pickleball Ambassador”.  They know everything about the game and they can assist your community with promoting the game of pickleball.

A.J. Fraties and Les Scott demonstrate dinking

A.J. Fraties and Les Scott demonstrate the finer points of dinking as Irene Fraties instructs a player development clinic at Pine Nursery Park.

In the vicinity of the Bend, Oregon, the following Ambassadors are available to help you grow pickleball in your community:

— Sandy Brown  541-420-8852— Terry Brown  541-420-0195— A. J. Fraties  916-257-2097
— Irene Fraties  916-759-9256— Christie Gestvang  541-420-1802— Bruce Grout  206-499-3447
— Phil McCage  541-390-6283— Lee Moore  541-905-4408— Verna Moore  541-905-4408
— Rochelle Neal  661-510-0414— Rip Osterhuber  541-318-6253— Lisa Palcic  541-306-7850
— Tom Sifferman  541-390-1119

Pickleball Court Constructors in Oregon

You can find more information about court builds and resurfacing by checking out the Sport Court Oregon website.

Bend, Oregon Pickleball Clubs

The Bend Pickleball Club is a not-for-profit sports club based in Bend, Oregon. They promote pickleball in the Central Oregon area by offering education, playing opportunities, and facility development. They’ve partnered with Bend Parks & Recreation to create community pickleball courts in Bend, Oregon.

Pine Nursery Park Grand Opening

Pine Nursery Park Grand Opening: Photo courtesy of Verna Moore.

Pickleball Tournaments in Bend

Two big tournaments are held each year in Bend, Oregon.  The Big Country RV Tournament will be held August 14-16, 2015, and invites all USAPA Members to participate. The Oregon Senior Games Pickleball Tournament will be held June 19-21, 2015 and games will be played on the Pine Nursery Park courts.

Seniors playing pickleball

Very Fun Senior Games in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon Pickleball Related News and Youtube Videos

If you would like to read local articles about pickleball enthusiasm in Bend, Oregon, just click on one of the links below:
Pickleball players hit Pine Nursery courts
“Donor puts pickleball expansion on the fast track”

5.0 Ranked Players Around Bend

Below is a list of 5.0 Ranked Players in the Bend, Oregon Area:
Randy Bitner
Kurtis Campbell
James Cessna
Wes Gabrielsen
Troy W. Horton
Steve A Paranto
Vukman Soskic
Tony Tollenaar
Patrick C Williams
June Crabb
Joy E Leising
Sheila Schoonover

Anyone “game” for a road trip to Bend, Oregon? 

Local Pickleball Guide – Baltimore City, Maryland

Local Pickleball Guide – Baltimore City, Maryland

Social Pickleball League, Baltimore

We love featuring places to play pickleball, especially when they have something special about their location or the way they organize their games. We hope you enjoy our Local Pickleball Guides!

Baltimore City, Maryland Pickleball Clubs

In Baltimore City, they have a Social Pickleball League.  These folks must have tons of fun.  Take a look at some of their team names:

• Pickle Heads                       • Pickle Pals
• Pickleback Shots                • Pickled Garlic
• Ruff Riders                          • Shut Up We’re Trying
• The Gherks                          • The Virgins
• B’More Dills                        • Curve Balls
• Dun Dilled It                       • Kind of a Big Dill
• Motorcycle Mamas            • OPP
• Paddle Pushers                 • Pickle Bells

The Spring 2014 League poster on the upcoming events page has a special note:

   **Equipment Provided & Beer is Welcomed**

USAPA Ambassadors – Baltimore City

Every community has a group of volunteers who promote the sport of pickleball and carry the title “Pickleball Ambassador”.  They know everything about the game and they can assist your community with promoting the game of pickleball.  In the vicinity of the state of Maryland, the following Ambassadors are listed on the USAPA.org website:

Anne Arundel County — Floyd Zablotny 443-274-2383 Millersville, MD
Carroll County — Bob Eney 410-526-2086 Finksburg, MD
Forest Hill-Harford County — Pat Wallace 410-692-2401 Forest Hill, MD

Maryland Pickleball for all

Pickleball Court Constructors in Baltimore City

Occasionally, a pickleball enthusiast might want to install a pickleball court in their yard or neighborhood. You can find more information about court builds and resurfacing by checking out the SportMaster Sport Surfaces website:

Baltimore City, Maryland Pickleball Related News and Youtube Videos

If you would like to read local articles about pickleball enthusiasm in Maryland, just click on one of the links below:

Pickleball Gets Even More Social in Maryland Sport and Social Club

Pickleball, anyone?

And of course, you can watch the video below to see members of the Baltimore City Social 2014 Fall Pickleball League in action.


Marlene Berwald, USAPA Ambassador – Growing Pickleball

Anna interviewed Marlene Berwald at the USAPA Nationals last November…she gives free pickleball lessons…Thanks Marlene!

Marlene:  My name is Marlene Berwald. I am the Vice President, here, of the Surprise Pickleball Association and also the Ambassador for the USAPA.  Once a month, I’m out here, on the second Monday of the month. I give free lessons to anybody that shows up at 6:00 PM. We have anywhere from two to a dozen people show up month to month for their free lesson. They don’t have to bring a paddle or the ball. All they have, I just require them to wear gym shoes.

Anna:  So, where do you get your paddles and balls from?

Marlene:  Steve Wong [Onix Sports] donated a few of his demo paddles to us so we always have, I have probably six paddles in my car. We have more in the lock up box here and we keep them for just any occasion where people don’t have paddles and they want to try out the sport.

And I always have balls. That didn’t sound right. Cut. (laughs)



I’ve been chatting with Deanna Wright for about two years about how pickleball is taking off in Payson, Arizona.  You’ll be delighted by this Payson pickleball success story.

Deanna Wright

Deanna Wright

We never dreamt in a million years we would ever get our own pickleball courts,” explains Deanna Wright. “We petitioned the Town of Payson for permission to put ½” tape down on two of the four existing tennis courts in town. We only wanted to put down ½ inch tape so as not to aggravate the tennis players too much. We chalk the court lines every day. The tape would last longer than a day. We begged for a year and a half.”

Deanna breaks the good news: “Payson recently poured concrete for two brand new courts dedicated to pickleball!

New pickleball court in Payson

Brand New Pickleball Court poured

“They will be painting the courts soon. The kitchen will be painted in lime green and the rest of the court in a regular green.” Deanna’s huge circle of pickleball friends can hardly wait for the courts to be ready. Deanna has never played on a real pickleball court. She is pinching herself to make sure she isn’t dreaming.

Aero-D Graphite

Aero-D Graphite

Interest in pickleball has been growing in Payson, Arizona for the last 2 years.  As the story goes, Cindy & Phil Galvin told Dianne Wing about pickleball.  Dianne researched and taught herself the game.  One day, Mike Wing invited Deanna over to join a group playing pickleball. She was immediately hooked on the game. After about 6 months of playing pickleball, Deanna started teaching pickleball to anyone who showed an interest in the game. Just recently, she taught a church youth group and their leaders how to play pickleball.

Deanna’s favorite paddle is the Pro-Lite Aero D Graphite paddle.
She also likes the Pro-Lite Blaster 2 Alloy and the Phantom Graphite paddles.

Graphite Phantom

Phantom Graphite

Deanna is definitely a “Pickleball Spark Plug!” A lot of folks, most recently from Michigan, Missouri and Nebraska, are snow birds.  If they stop by to watch while Deanna and friends are playing, Deanna will walk over after a game and answer questions. Usually, they are open to trying the game. Nearly everyone who plays becomes addicted to the game.

Deanna has 2 sons. Logan is now 14 and very involved in Special Olympics. His brother Joshua loves sports and is an avid athlete.

Joshua Wright playing Pickleball

Joshua Wright playing pickleball, Photo by Michele Nelson, courtesy of Payson Roundup News

Blaster 2 Alloy

Blaster 2 Alloy

Joshua’s Little League friends and teachers come out to play too. “We invite anyone and everyone to come join in the fun,” says Deanna. “Playing sports is a great way to spend time with your children, get to know them better and know what is going on with them. Family time is mostly spent at a field or by a pool, but when we want to really engage in a sport that can be played as an entire family, it is Pickleball!

Line chalking pickleball courtMike Wing designed a plywood tool with a hinge and a clamp that made it possible to hold the chalk they used daily to re-draw pickleball lines on one of the tennis courts in town. Plans to build pickleball courts in Chaparral Pines, a gated community within 5 miles of Rumsey Park are underway. “We are here to stay,” beams Deanna about the Payson Pickleball Club.

These folks are dedicated to the game.  Deanna shares, “It’s so hard to go a day without pickleball. In January, Payson had 8 inches of snow. Dianne and I went out and shoveled snow for about 2 hours, just so when the snow melted, we wouldn’t have to wait so long for the court to dry!”

Folks who play pickleball payson

Some of the many people who stop by the Payson tennis courts to play pickleball during the week: Pat Patterson, Jodee Smith, Paul and Jacque LeSueur, Joel Dean, Jennifer Kiley, Mike and Dianne Wing, Maryse Vossler, Joshua and Deanna Wright. Photo by Michele Nelson, courtesy of the Payson Roundup.

The Payson Pickleball Club is steadily recruiting some of the other tennis players in town to try the fastest-growing sport in the country!

Thanks, Deanna, for sharing your story about your new pickleball courts in Payson!

Pickleball in Mexico

The Mazatlan Mexico Pickleballers

The Mazatlan Mexico Pickleballers.

Brian Snyder recently contacted us regarding his efforts to get pickleball started in Mazatlan, Mexico.  Brian and Lynn were looking for a place to set up a court and found some unused tennis courts at the Costa De Orno Tennis Club.  Pickleball court lines were painted and the tennis club provided a pickleball net. The Mazatlan Pickleball group now has 19 regular players. Visit their website at www. mazatlanpickleball.com. Next time you visit Mazatlan go to the Costa De Orno Tennis Club for some great pickleball.

Where else in Mexico is pickleball being played?  A USA Picklebal Association newsletter article from 2010 highlighted opportunities around San Felipe — including the El Dorado Ranch Pickleball Club.

The USPA Place to Play website has several listings for Mexico, including  El Sargento, Puerto Vallarta and San Carlos.

Pickleball Adventure Ole'

Join the 2014 Pickleball Adventure Ole’ to Riviera Maya, Mexico

Want to visit Mexico with other pickleball players?  USA Pickleball Association Ambassador Audrey Phillips is organizing the  2014 Pickleball Adventure Ole’ to Riviera Maya, Mexico.  The group will stay at the  Grand Palladium White Sand Resort, a five star deluxe all inclusive resort with 16 pickleball courts! Plans include fun mini pickleball tournaments, pickleball parties and pickleball lessons for beginners. For more information, contact Audrey’s Adventures/Sorensen Travel (858) 756 3356.

Do you know of other places to play pickleball in Mexico? If so, please tell us about it by leaving a comment or contacting us at info@pickleballcentral.com.

Naked Pickleball

Laguna del Sol Pickleballers

Laguna Del Sol is a clothing optional resort in Northern California.

Is fashion a big deal on the pickleball court? Shorts and an old t-shirt are the common pickleball attire in our neighborhood.  What matters more than fashion when playing pickleball is social chemistry. That’s the conclusion I came to after talking with Suzanne Schell, owner of Laguna Del Sol, a clothing-optional resort in Northern California.

Pickleball was introduced at Laguna Del Sol two years ago by two couples who discovered  the game in Arizona and brought it back home to share with friends at Laguna Del Sol. They taped off a portion of a tennis court, rigged up a net and started playing. This new sport attracted attention and soon spare paddles were made available for “newbies” to pick up and learn the game. To keep up with the growing demand, more courts were soon necessary. Just like new pickleball communities everywhere, there was concern from the tennis players around the issue of pickleball noise.   Now, two years later, there are four beautiful pickleball courts that are fully used every weekend with a group always waiting on the sidelines to play.

Laguna del Sol Pickleball Courts

Four pickleball courts at Laguna Del Sol located near the property line. The dirt field is the neighboring property. Laugna Del Sol is lush and green.

Laguna Del Sol is a family resort. Just like pickleball playing families across the USA, at Laguna Del Sol kids play pickleball with grandparents. The only difference is what people are wearing, or not wearing.

The friendly pickleball spirit combined with the freeing and equalizing effect of nudity tends to make for a very welcoming accepting pickleball community. The Laguna Del Sol pickleball group will regularly have pot lucks together after resort tournaments. They collaborated in purchasing and sharing pickleballs for the resort and have worked together to build several shade structures near the pickleball courts.

I asked Suzanne about playing pickleball without an athletic support for men or running bras for women. She said there are many variables in what people wear playing pickleball. Depending on the weather, the pickleball players are often a mix of clothed and unclothed people. On a cool day she may wear a pickleball t-shirt and when  she’s warmed up, she may take it off. Other days it’s very hot out and more people wear clothing to wick the moisture away from their bodies. Of course in the winter, everyone is clothed.

Pickleball is growing and more people look for resorts that offer pickleball.  If you’re in Northern California and looking for a place to play pickleball and a little adventure, consider a visit to Laguna Del Sol.  They have an orientation tour and you can purchase a day pass to try out a nudist experience. Laguna Del Sol also offers a variety of  overnight accommodations and RV and camping sites.

Laguna del Sol Pickleballers