Mickey Mouse Loves Pickleball

It’s no surprise that Disney is often associated with gifts. The gift of childhood, the gift of magical animation, the gift of… pickleball? While you might not think Mickey and friends have anything to do with the game, in truth, they’ve funded a new pickleball court at Tweila Reid Park in Anaheim, home of Disneyland!

Image courtesy of Pickleballmax, sharing pickleball with Disney power couple

Image courtesy of Pickleballmax, sharing pickleball with Disney power couple

According to the OC Register, the court was just recently completed with the good news announced on Oct 1st. During the talk, it was also revealed that five local parks would be getting new playgrounds as well. Never let it be said that The Mouse leaves out his biggest little fans.

The pickleball court was created thanks to a $200,000 donation that also supplied residents with a new soccer field and upgraded softball field.

Councilman Jordan Brandman added, “This pickleball court and field renovations came about as a result of input from the residents. They said they wanted more sports intensive activities at the park.”

You heard it here first: If you want more pickleball, all you have to do is ask. We recommend asking city officials or wealthy mice over Santa, since he tends not to have as much sway these days. (Santa, if you want to prove us wrong, our paddles are ready!)

We think Buzz's jetpacks would give him a slight advantage during a game... (Credit: Pickleballmax)

We think Buzz’s jet pack would give him a slight advantage during games… (Credit: Pickleballmax)

Remember that Disneyland’s big cousin, Disney World, is located in FL aka Pickleball Paradise. Why haven’t we seen more toon-supported pickleball action there? It was noted that many pickleball courts could fit in Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, which was re-branded in 2010.

Is there any progress being made down there, Floridians? If not, get on it!

Oyster Bay Pickleball Club Transitions from Tennis to Pickleball Courts

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in this business, it’s that when a determined group of picklers get together, they can make anything happen. In Dowell, Maryland the Oyster Bay Pickleball Club has completed their project of transitioning several unused tennis courts to 4 much-loved pickleball courts.

Oyster Bay courts before...

Oyster Bay courts before…

We were particularly flattered to hear that they completed this giant undertaking using supplies and equipment from PickleballCentral!

Cecelia Rasmussen, Chairman of the OBP Club, decided to move forward with the project when PBC ran a clearance sale on Wilson equipment.

“We used our PBC club discount code for additional savings and got a great deal. As always, PBC made it easy for us to make the decision. Our courts look beautiful and professional grade.”

And the lovely Oyster Bay courts after!

And the lovely courts after!

Rasmussen indicated that there were hundreds of labor hours put in from the volunteer residents at Oyster Bay. Trench digging, crack filling, post hole installation, painting, lining… all the ingredients needed to accomplish the stunning end result.

Congratulations to OBP on their success and truly incredible courts! They sound like a fun group for many reasons. Check out our post about their epic superhero tournament if you haven’t seen it already.

If you or any players you know may be interested in our Club Rewards Program, be sure to read more here and either email or give us a call to start getting discounts on your equipment, too.

Betty Catron L-O-V-E-S PICKLEBALL!!!!!

Betty Catron has the only private pickleball courts, emphasis on more than one, in Knoxville, Tennessee, that she knows of!

Betty Catron


She has converted her home tennis court into two, count them, 2 pickleball courts.

Catron Pickleball Complex Knoxville Tennessee

She has a bunch of friends, all former tennis players, who just love the game of pickleball, all 15 or 16 of them!

Catron Court Buddies


Some of her friends have given up tennis completely and only play pickleball. They don’t let the weather get in the way of playing pickleball.

Cantron Pickleball Buddies in the Tennessee Winter

Don’t you just wish you had a bunch of fun ladies like these gals to play pickleball with every day!



Thanks Betty for taking the time to share some of your favorite photos of the only private pickleball courts in Knoxville, that you know of!

Pioneer Park Pickleball Courts in Walla Walla, Washington

You have to love anyone who has a heart for pickleball.  And there are some really great people in Walla Walla, Washington who came up with the idea for outdoor pickleball courts that could be available to the whole community.

Nancy Kress, Ted Cummings, Dave Gibson

Ted Cummings, Nancy Kress and Dave Gibson

Ted Cummings is a retired school teacher who taught racquet sports at Walla Walla High School for 5 years (tennis, badminton & pickleball).  He is one of 3 key people who spearheaded the community interest in having dedicated pickleball courts in Walla Walla, Washington. His key project planning team members included Dave Gibson and Nancy Kress.

 Pickleball Training at the YMCA - Ted Cummings, Susan Anfinson and Dave Gibson

Pickleball Training at the YMCA – Ted Cummings, Susan Anfinson and Dave Gibson. Cool Sweatshirts!

In August of 2014, Ted pitched Dave on the idea that pickleball courts needed to become a reality for adults and children to play pickleball outdoors.  Dave threw in the first donation and they were off spreading the word about how new pickleball courts could improve the community.  Nancy had the grant writing experience and community connections.  This small team got the community excited about pickleball.

Pioneer park design

The best design in the country!

The Sherwood Trust gave them a grant in the amount of $57.000 for community improvement and fitness.  In five months, the pickleball community raised $130.000.

Nancy Kress consults with Eagle Fence owners RaeJean and Tom

Nancy Kress consults with Eagle Fence owners RaeJean and Tom

The design was drawn up and construction began.

Nancy and her laser thermometer

Nancy and her laser thermometer

Pioneer Park laying asphalt

Pioneer Park laying asphalt






It took 4 inches of gravel, 3 inches of asphalt, multiple layers of paint.

Volunteers at work

Volunteers at work

They had their opening ceremonies on November 5, 2015 and are already planning their first tournament for the weekend of July 22nd, 2016.

Pioneer Park dedication

Pioneer Park Pickleball Court Dedication Ceremony

They have dedicated the courts to the Parks and Rec of Walla Walla.

Fall Pickleball at Pioneer Park

Fall Pickleball at Pioneer Park

They have a core group of about 35 people who get together every week to play pickleball.  They have a schedule for intermediate and advanced players.They’ll be offering clinics for adults this month and will offer clinics for kids in the late spring and summer.  It will be a cool addition to the summer sports programs of soccer and tennis already offered.

There is an awesome brass plaque installed on the gate number one that thanks all the main donors.

Pioneer Park Plaque

Pioneer Park Pickleball Courts Plaque

Dave, Ted and Nancy consider it one of their greatest accomplishments to offer volunteer hours to improve their community.  Together they put in 900 hours into planning, presentations, grant writing and seeking donors.  They put time into promotional shirt distribution and they supervised onsite contractors, net and windscreen installation and leaf-blowing projects.  I’d say it was a job well done!  Congratulations to you all and to your community for their support!

Dave, Ted and Nancy with dog

Dave, Ted and Nancy taking a well earned rest break

First State Pickleball Club Opens First Courts Dedicated To Pickleball

First State Pickleball ClubA hard-working bunch of dedicated pickleball players raised the money to refurbish old tennis courts into new courts dedicated to pickleball. It took a total of 347 hours and $7151 to complete the project. Below is a photo journal of the transformation from tennis to pickleball courts. This is definitely a great example of TEAMWORK!  Enjoy!

Tennis courts before pickleball took over

Tennis Courts – Before Picture


Court cracks

Cracks that needed to be filled with asphalt and sealer

Cleaning up a soon-to-be pickleball court





Power-washing court

Volunteer powered power-washing

Pressure washing grime off the surface of court

Pressure washing the grime off the surface before starting the painting process











Painting pickleball court

Let the Painting BEGIN!

Painting pickleball court blue

First coat of blue, then tan paint with paint rollers

Freshly painted courts

Second paint of coat on pickleball court

Second coat of paint

Aligning pickleball courts

Aligning all courts to make sure all lines are straight

Double tape machine

Double tape machine used for painting accurate straight white lines

Jack-hammering 2-foot holes through two thick layers of asphalt

Jack-hammering 2-foot holes through two thick layers of asphalt

Hole diggers cleaning out holes for pickleball post sleeves

Post hole diggers cleaning out the holes for the net post sleeves

Installing pickleball posts and nets

Installation of posts and pickleball nets


New pickleball courts

Dedication Day!

The new pickleball courts were dedicated June 13, 2015, behind John M Clayton Elementary in Frankford, Delaware.  These courts are open from sun up to sun down. On June 28th, they hosted Coach Mo and Matty Pickleball Clinics.

Coach Mo

Coach Mo


This is how pickleball courts are built, by the strong will and determination of players that love the game! Congratulations!

ALSO, CHECK THIS OUT: The First State Pickleball Club will host “Rock ’n’ Roll” Pickleball at the brand new pickleball courts at John M. Clayton Elementary School near Frankford on Saturday, July 18.  Pickleballers are being encouraged to dress up in their best duds from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s for a chance to win prizes while they head out to the courts to enjoy music from the same eras. Snacks will be provided, and a club meeting will be held before the festivities, starting at 5 p.m.  The rain date is scheduled for Sunday, July 19.

Here is a great interview with the oldest member of the First State Pickleball Club, Marion Lisehora. Enjoy!

Ageless Aging Seniors Keeping Active


How do you store your pickleball “stuff” courtside?

This is a question we hear often:  what kind of a box do you use to store pickleball equipment near the court?  We have a couple of answers.  We’d also like to hear from you, the reader, about how you store your pickleball equipment.

Our first suggestion comes from Maureen Groth, in Gackle, North Dakota.  We shared Maureen’s story on May 12th, about the project she took on to renovate a run-down tennis court into 2 pickleball courts. She shared: “[ I ] obtained wood paddles from the local school and put them in rubber totes with lids in storage benches next to the court.  Anyone in the community can drop by and use the equipment provided.  In 1 year, the equipment is still there, and is still being used by anyone in the community who wants to play pickleball.”

Storage benchShe shared:” The storage benches that I use at the courts keep the paddles and balls and also fit a couple of basketballs. They are made by Rubbermaid and are nice to sit on. I bought them online from Walmart. I think the portable [net systems] might fit!!”

When we asked Tom Widden from Lake Oswego, Oregon about how his pickleball group solved the equipment storage problem, he shared the following solution:

“We bought JOBOX Brand construction boxes from Home Depot for about $400 st time..too small for more than 4 nets/few paddles/balls..you get lost and found, left chairs,1st aid kits,etc so outgrow pretty fast…at Wilsonville we bought much bigger box 6′ long/3’deep and wide..much happier and has breathing room so nets don’t rust after play in rain or just condensation in boxes. Now, at Hillendale Park we went online and bought a huge RIGID jobsite box and can store tables/chairs/netsets/training aids, and fencing since we’ve learned how to “quad” a single tennis court into 4 Pickleball courts. A little effort really pays off in capacity, allowing us to take typical double tennis court into 8 active courts. It has proven effective and helps set the stage for conversion to a permanent picklepark!”

Storage boxOn of the greatest things I have grown to appreciate about the pickleball community is that they are always willing to share lessons learned.  So, do you have solutions you want to share on how your solved the pickleball equipment storage problem?  We look forward to hearing your wonderful ideas!

Noise Suppression for Pickleball Courts

As the game of pickleball grows in popularity, one of the issues that frequently comes up is the issue of the noise from the paddles hitting the balls.

Some communities require quiet paddles and balls.  Sun City Grand has developed a list of pickleball paddles that are approved based on the “noise” factor. Paddles in the “red zone” are not allowed.

Some communities put up noise-reducing fencing.



In San Tan Valley, Arizona, a developer has made a remarkable plan to mitigate the noise from the game of pickleball.  First the court will be set 8 feet into the ground. Second, there will be 2 levels of walls tilted outward, so that all bounce sounds deflect straight up from the court.  Third, there will be up to a six foot mound of dirt on top of the walls, and bushes will be planted on top of the mound!  This seems like the perfect plan to allow for pickleball to be played without the noise problem for homeowners nearby.

Sunken pickleball court

Court with walls for noise abatement

The pickleball community members in San Tan Valley are delighted that their 8 brand new courts will be designed and built with the whole community in mind.  Unfortunately, lighting will not be provided for these beautiful, sound-proofed courts.  That means the pickleball folks won’t be able to play during peak playing hours in the early evening.

These folks are asking for suggestions on how to make their request for lighting more “desirable” to the developer.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to pass them on.

Let us know if noise has been an issue and how you found solutions in your community.

I look forward to hearing from you!