HEAD Shoes Offer Optimal Styles for Every Type of Court and Player

It used to be that many players relied on tennis or volleyball shoes for pickleball, but at long last there are finally shoes dedicated purely to pickleball. It’s not “one size fits all” either—depending on whether you play outdoors or indoors, prefer durability or speed, there’s an option available for you!

HEAD provides paddles such as the Xtreme and Radical, but their strong background in developing gear for other racquet sports has led to this reliable footwear. They’ve expanded their offerings to include three types of shoes that are adaptable to the various court types you may find yourself playing on and how much support you crave.

HEAD Shoes

HEAD Shoes (available in various colors)

The options available are called the HEAD Revolt Pro 2.5, HEAD Sprint Pro 2.0 and Revolt Indoor Court Shoe.

Tri-NRG System

The Revolt and Sprint Pro both use a design approach referred to as the Tri-NRG system. This includes:

Neutralizing, shock-absorbent properties

Rigidity from TPU shanks (supportive structure) to prevent rolled ankles

Generation of rebound from breathable, cushioned EVA (rubber-like) material

These shoes average around a weight of 12-14 oz and incorporate breathable materials into their design to allow for airflow and comfortable wear throughout games.

The Indoor Court Shoes include an:

Energy Frame which provides structural support, durability and reinforcements that protect the foot.

All the shoe types use a “Hybrasion” (high-abrasion) rubber formula which helps to prevent the breakdown of soles in high-stress areas. The herringbone tread pattern helps grip the floor, making them highly durable and slip resistant on any surface.

So how do you know which shoe is right for you?

Sprint Pro 2.0 Sole

Sprint Pro 2.0 sole with vents

HEAD Shoe Differences

There are a few primary differences between the three designs which may help you decide.

To start with the two outdoor options, the Revolt Pro 2.5 is an extremely durable and stable shoe with a bit of a wider fit. It’s ideal for players looking for a long-lasting shoe that will support their feet during every type of movement. It averages 13.7 oz in the men’s sizes and 12.4 oz in the women’s.

The Sprint Pro 2.0 is a lighter option that keeps the feet lower to the ground for quicker movements. The narrow fit creates a more form-fitting feel which supports a performance-based design that feels “locked in” during play. It weights approximately 12.9 oz in men’s sizes and 11.7 oz in women’s.

Overall, both shoes provide excellent support, comfort and style, but the Revolt Pro 2.5 a slightly better option for those who want maximum hardiness and stability, where the Sprint Pro 2.0 has a fitted feel that’s more suitable to consistent, fast movement.

These shoes have a fairly tough tread and come with a unique feature underneath the insole: a venting “sticker” that can be removed to allow for more airflow through the shoes, increasing their cooling capacity.

The Indoor Court Shoes are, of course, the best option if you need shoes that will grip wooden surfaces. The tread on these shoes is slightly stickier/softer than their outdoor counterparts to accommodate the slicker surface.

HEAD’s indoor option prevents slippage and has a high arch, making them an excellent choice for those wanting more support. They have a particularly thin mesh covering on the outside that makes them an extremely breathable choice.

They also happen to be the most light weight shoe offered by HEAD, averaging 11.8 oz.

HEAD Warranty

HEAD shoes come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty for defective material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. This includes problems like the laces ripping or an improperly sewn tongue.

In addition, for the Revolt Pro 2.5 specifically, there is a 6-month outsole durability warranty to cover holes in the bottom of the shoe from standard court wear.

HEAD Shoe Warranty

To make sure you get the ideal fit, we recommend checking each product listing to see if you should size up or down depending on foot width.  You can try out these incredible shoes for yourself and experience how they can support your play by heading over to PickleballCentral store. We offer 30-day returns on unworn products (trying the shoes on for fit is acceptable!) so that you can ensure the right match.

Glen Peterson’s 5 Ways to Improve Your Game

Glen Peterson is an accomplished pro pickler who’s won many medals in major tournaments such as the US Open and USAPA Nationals. While he’s a killer on the courts, he’s also one of the kindest players we’ve ever met, and he’s an excellent teacher to others. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with him on several occasions (including several posts on this blog) and it’s always been a pleasure!

You can read more about Glen in one of our prior Meet the Pros posts.

Today we’re excited to show our audience a video made with Glen that shares his top 5 tips on how to improve your game. While other segments focus on nitty-gritty details regarding form, here Glen shares some of his overarching beliefs about what makes a great player, ranging from specific techniques to attitude.

If you’d like to hear from one of the best players in the game and learn a few easily applicable tricks, take a look at the video below. Enjoy!


Pro-Am Teams Up Top Players with Amateurs for Charity

About a week ago, pickleball champion Jennifer Lucore added an exciting post to her blog regarding Pro-Am fundraisers. This is a concept we’d love to see spread as more groups learn about the concept. If you haven’t heard about these interesting opportunities, it may be something worth suggesting at your own local pickleball club.

The Pro-Am fundraiser Jennifer recently discussed took place at the Bobby Riggs Tennis & Pickleball Center in CA (where you can enjoy several PickleballTournaments Training Camps) to raise money for PTSD. The idea pairs up professional players with amateurs depending on who “purchases” them first.

Several pros were claimed online before the event, and those remaining were auctioned off beforehand. Many pros went for $800 – 1000, so it was heartening to see players come together to compete and support a great cause.

Pro-Am Picklers

Pro-Am Teams (Credit: Roby Partovich)

The California-based fundraiser was specifically in honor of Erich Schuette, pickleball partner to the organizer Jeff Donovan. While Erich had a supportive family and won gold with Jeff at the Utah State pickleball championships, he also suffered from PTSD as a veteran and took his life several months afterwards.

Jeff has continued to raise awareness about the pain this disorder can cause since Sept 2016. He has currently contributed over $77,500 to charities like Continue Mission and is still going strong!

The event at the Bobby Riggs Center included training and mingling with the pros, food, the competition itself, and later a silent auction for pickleball gear. For those who couldn’t afford to “buy” a pro themselves, there were still opportunities to listen to their strategies and spend time with the visitors before the tournament.

It sounds like it was an enjoyable day for all, and a wonderful way to give newer picklers a chance to play with athletes they’d normally only see at 5.0 tournaments! If you’re in the mood for a little event organizing and have a cause in mind, give it a shot within your own group.

You can check out the structure of Jeff’s Pro-Am fundraiser here. If you end up starting your own and want it covered, feel free to give us a shout at info@pickleballcentral.com.




Celebrate the 4th of July with These Patriotic Paddles and Gear

The 4th of July arrives tomorrow! Between celebrating independence, munching on BBQ and watching fireworks, picklers may want to take a look at these patriotic offering we currently have in stock.

If you want to show off some red, white and blue pride, take a look at the following goods:

Pickleball USA Shirt

Pickleball USA Shirt

Pickleball USA Shirt in Men and Women’s sizes

These shirts allow you to share your affection for pickleball and the U.S. all in one! Emblazoned with the word “Pickleball” but filled with the stars and stripes of the American flag, this is the perfect apparel to wear during your celebrations.

Liberty Pro 4G Paddle

If you want to represent American ideals on the court, you can’t get much clearer than a print of the Statue of Liberty on your paddle! The patriotic design is a wonderful fit for the 4th, and the Liberty Pro isn’t just a looker on the outside; it has a tough Nomex core and one of the widest surfaces available for an extra broad sweet spot.

2018 US Open Bantam TS-5

This paddle was created in celebration of this year’s US Open, and as such it has a brilliant red, white and blue design. The classy looks will make it stand the test of time for years to come. The TS-5 is a lightweight option that will keep you quick at the net and prepared to return any shot.

2016 US Open Bantam EX-L

Similar to the Bantam TS-5, this Bantam EX-L was also made to celebrate the US Open, but for the 2016 competition. Get in on this limited design before Paddletek decides to stop offering it. In contrast to the TS-5, this paddle features a medium to heavier weight for increased power without losing control.



USAPA Shirt for Men and Women

The USAPA is a major governing body for pickleball, and this design provides a great opportunity to support their work and country! The USAPA logo, of course, uses patriotic colors and can be placed atop a variety of different shirt designs to best suit your needs.

In addition to this particular option, there are many USAPA-centric pieces of apparel on the PickleballCentral website which may appeal to those hunting for similar color schemes.

We hope everyone fits in a few games of pickleball tomorrow and enjoys a wonderful day!

Newest Premium SwiftNet System Introduces Lighter, More Durable Design

The SwiftNet Portable Net System is the brainchild of environmentally-conscious engineers and pro picklers hungry for better equipment. For the first time, a portable net exists that performs more like permanent counterparts, and all at an incredibly light weight.

The SwiftNet was developed in collaboration with the CRTC (Carbon Recycling Technology Center), the same group supplying materials for the Swift 2.0 Paddle, and is made with aerospace-grade carbon fiber entirely made in the USA.

Light Weight, Sturdy Form

At approximately 14 lbs, the SwiftNet is a far cry from other systems averaging around 30 lbs. Players can literally pick up the entire system to maneuver it around the court without breaking a sweat, and taking it with you during travel is a snap.

Despite its feather weight, the SwiftNet has been shown to perform similarly to other portable nets when it comes to standing strong in wind and other blustery weather conditions.

Reliable Precision

Another notable feature is its ability to maintain form over time. After extended use many nets end up developing a “camel-like” shape as the top cord loosens and sags between the center and side posts.

In contrast, the SwiftNet uses a curved boom to provide support while the cord tension stays strong regardless of how long its used. Our Pickleball Station facility has been using the prototype for this net for the past 6 months, and the SwiftNet has been proven to keep its shape despite jostling and impact.


To learn more about the features noted above and hear about the 7 main limitations the SwiftNet has addressed with its design, watch the video below to see pickleball champion Glen Peterson walk you through its many perks:


The SwiftNet is a tournament-quality system that has tackled long-standing issues in the industry to create a nearly flawless design.

As noted on our product page, we’ve been able to put these nets together in less than 2 minutes. When arranged, the feet are minimal enough to prevent players from tripping or having to play around them, and the small center support won’t cause mis-hits like a center post.

Since the top cord and tape of these nets are so taut, you don’t have to worry about balls “walking the tape” and can enjoy the sturdiness of a permanent net without the drawbacks of price and weight.

If you’ve been craving a net that’s quick to set up, easy to move and made to last, the SwiftNet is the perfect solution. Order yours today to get $50 off the MSRP (for a limited time only), and enjoy great savings on the last net you’ll ever need!

Pickleball Training Camps Led by Pro Players Now Offered through PickleballCentral

Sponsored by PickleballTournaments.com, PickleballCentral is now offering camps via a number of elite, trusted training centers for those who want to completely transform their game over the course of 3 days.

The first is to take place June 29 – July 1 at the Bobby Riggs Tennis & Pickleball Center in San Diego, CA. There are coaches, workshops and classes for pickleball players of every experience level, but these camps are intended to provide some of the best training available worldwide.

Personalized Instruction from Top Athletes

Whether you’re a recreational or competitive 3.0 player or above, you’ll find incredible value at a reasonable price. Space is limited to 40 participants with an 8:1 ratio of students to instructors, ensuring everyone gets plenty of hands-on coaching and personalized attention. Not only that, but every drill and lesson is directed by some of the most renowned picklers in the circuit, so that players will retain the high-level skills being taught.

Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson

The initial camp is led by pickleball pro and Bobby Riggs co-owner, Steve Dawson. Coach Dawson began his athletic career in collegiate tennis, becoming a two-time Big-8 Champion at the University of Oklahoma. Afterwards, he discovered the joys of pickleball and went on to become a two-time US OPEN Pro Gold Medalist, Huntsman World Champion, Canadian National Champion and multi-time USAPA Nationals Medalist.

Coach Dawson has over 25 years of coaching experience and will be leading drills with the help of the incredible Bobby Riggs staff. This includes Jennifer Dawson, four-time US Open Gold Medalist, Lon Krantz, finalist at the Huntsman Senior Games, and Callan Dawson, PPF Champion.

In addition, each camp will be attended by a traveling guest instructor to provide their unique insights into the game. National Champion Irina Tereshenko will be the first to arrive, followed by Chris Miller (July 27 – 29) and Larry Moon (Sept 14 – 16).

Jennifer and Callan Dawson and Lon Krantz

Jennifer and Callan Dawson and Lon Krantz

High-End Facilities and Location

The Bobby Riggs facility also deserves praise in itself. With first-rate accommodations, you’ll enjoy locker rooms, showers, an on-site restaurant and pro shop. In whatever downtime you can spare, you’ll be free to explore one of SoCal’s most popular vacation spots.

Local attractions include SeaWorld, Balboa Park, LEGOLAND and many stunning beaches to wander at sunset. San Diego’s incredible cuisine is also on full display, with a variety of local eateries providing flavorful Cali-Baja offerings.

Bobby Riggs Tennis and Pickleball Center

Bobby Riggs Tennis and Pickleball Center

Comprehensive Itinerary

Each 3-day camp is designed to help players develop skills that will be of use during real-world play. You’ll not only develop muscle memory by drilling and improving your mechanics, but strengthen your mental approach to pickleball so that you can better read each and every scenario on the court.

The camps include over 15 hours of instruction with optional open play time, spread over clinics and competition between players of a similar skill level.

To see a complete breakdown of the itinerary, please visit PickleballCentral’s Training Camp listing. To summarize, however—players will be guided through everything from body positioning to dinking, shot placement, defending slams, 3rd-shot drops, types of serves, lobs, pre-game preparation and much more.



Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities to be taught by some of the best pickleball pros around. These 3-day training camps can be purchased for only $495 at PickleballCentral.com and are sure to provide participants with skills that translate into immediate improvements.

Later in the year, we’ll also be providing a camp at Seattle-based Pickleball Station from Oct 5 – 7th, so if you’re looking to visit the beautiful Pacific Northwest or want to take a look at which instructors will be visiting (hint: Coach Dawson will be traveling up the coast so you don’t miss out on his expertise, along with US Open and Nationals gold medalist Glen Peterson), then now’s the time to reserve your spot.

Take a look at PickleballCentral’s training camps today and seize the opportunity to learn from the very best and dominate the courts!


Mindfulness and Meditation During Pickleball

While meditation has gained popularity in the modern age, many people still see it as a difficult spiritual practice that involves sitting cross-legged and humming “om” for hours on end. In truth, meditation is fairly easy to engage in and can provide wonderful benefits when it comes to attaining peace of mind and staying focused on your game.

There’s one particular practice we’ll focus on in this article: mindfulness meditation. The goal of mindfulness is to fully allow yourself to take in the present moment without judgment clouding your experience. Practitioners will typically start working toward this by sitting down and focusing on their breath.

The goal is simply to be aware of when your mind strays from your breathing and to gently redirect your focus back to your breath when this occurs. This will likely happen several times, but this continual redirection is entirely natural. You will become aware of whatever thoughts or emotions are swirling around your mind without getting caught up in them.

Your breath is a permanent anchor that you can always use to regain your focus, but you can be mindful in just about any situation, and this is the eventual ideal. If you’re washing dishes, be fully aware of the water cascading over your hands, the weight of the plate in your hand, the sound of the silverware being set in the dryer.

Young man meditating

Credit: Tina Leggio

Eventually you can apply mindfulness to other actions, including playing pickleball. How does your opponent move? What direction is the ball flying? How is your body reacting when you return a slam? All of these things can be analyzed without the frustration or anxiety that might usually come with competition, and instead utilized to improve your game and reduce stress.

Meditation can help to reduce brain chatter and allow you to fully focus on your pickleball technique. It has also been shown to improve concentration, creativity and awareness. Simply taking a few minutes to practice mindfulness whenever you can will help get you into the right zone to play your best and enjoy pickleball.