Mother/Daughter Team Defeats Jardim/Carr at Florida Grand Slam

In an incredible match at the Florida Grand Slam, world-class players Simone Jardim (US Open Triple Crown Winner) and Corrine Carr (Jardim’s US Open partner) were defeated by Leigh Waters and her daughter, Anna Leigh Waters, who is only 12-years-old.

There is an outstanding group of young picklers flocking to the game and performing at high levels, but to see an upset like this is a reminder of pickleball’s versatile nature and the ability for anyone to be a top contender regardless of age.

Waters/Waters and Jardim/Carr at the FGS (Credit: ProPickleball)

The Waters make an incredible duo and are certainly ones to watch in this year’s tournament circuit.

For those curious about the youngest competitor: Anna Leigh has a background in tennis and was introduced to the game in 2017 after moving from Florida to Pennsylvania due to Hurricane Irma. She originally began playing with her family as a way to pass the time and have fun.

She ended up winning gold in her first tournament 2 months after starting the game and clearly hasn’t slowed down since!

You can watch the showdown in the video below. There is some stuttering but if you skip ahead a few seconds at those points you will be able to see the action again.


Jardim and Carr performed admirably in the close matches and are sure to come back stronger than ever the next time they get the opportunity to play against the Waters.

We love it when things get shaken up in the world of pickleball and look forward to seeing more from all of these fantastic players!

11 thoughts on “Mother/Daughter Team Defeats Jardim/Carr at Florida Grand Slam

  1. All things said, it was a great match. Yes the mother/daughter duo did not let down (compromise) and held a steady lead, while dominating all three games against a very seasoned experienced team. Good to see some newer names among the men too meddling as they did.
    Dekel Bar and Andrei Daescu. Both coming out of tennis I believe. Gluck to all!

    • The Waters team scored its first three point of the second game on net cords. they had the cords going their way all match….they also played some unbelievable defensive points. Mom was on fire!

    • I agree, it’s too bad the action isn’t smooth all the way through. I don’t know what particular issues ProPickleball had with their equipment, but it’s always frustrating when something malfunctions in the head of the action. I looked around for other videos and while I did find some, the action was shot through a fence and it was more difficult to see the players. Maybe/hopefully there will be additional videos springing up in the days to come!

    • Hi John,

      There are a few areas where the stream gets choppy, however if you skip ahead a few seconds in those areas you’ll find where it normalizes again.

    • Hi Jon,

      There is a video embedded in this post just under the sentence, “The match starts around 2:53:00.” If it’s not showing up for you, you may want to try switching browsers.

      If that doesn’t work, you should be able to watch it on ProPickleball’s Facebook page here.

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