The Overlooked Importance of Breathing

For most of us breathing comes naturally.

But in some physical pursuits whether stretching, running, weight lifting or giving birth, our breathing instincts may differ from what is best. We actually hold our breath when we ought to exhale or inhale.

Top athletes, unlike me, recognize the importance of deliberate breathing particularly in the midst of a strenuous exertion. Since pickleball is a sport which requires both relaxation and exertion, deliberate breathing may be helpful.

Breathing woman

Credit: sankarwaits

One particular friend grunts every time he hits a ball, and sometimes even when he doesn’t hit a ball! Grunting always involves exhaling. Monica Seles and Jimmy Conners were famous for their grunting.

So if you find yourself holding your breath during a point, trying grunting every time you hit the ball. If you can do so quietly, all the better. And if your partner is getting all the balls, don’t forget to breathe anyway.

I would love to hear other comments on how breathing affects your pickleball game!

One thought on “The Overlooked Importance of Breathing

  1. Ohhh PULEASE Glen…don’t introduce the plague of tennis with any grunting!! As it is, I can’t watch many of the (mostly) women players who do it.

    As Martina has pointed out many times, you are hitting a ball not lifting 500 lbs over your head!! IMO it is strictly done to intimidate and irritate opponents, and has already driven more than a few fans away from tennis.

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