Glen Peterson’s 5 Ways to Improve Your Game

Glen Peterson is an accomplished pro pickler who’s won many medals in major tournaments such as the US Open and USAPA Nationals. While he’s a killer on the courts, he’s also one of the kindest players we’ve ever met, and he’s an excellent teacher to others. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with him on several occasions (including several posts on this blog) and it’s always been a pleasure!

You can read more about Glen in one of our prior Meet the Pros posts.

Today we’re excited to show our audience a video made with Glen that shares his top 5 tips on how to improve your game. While other segments focus on nitty-gritty details regarding form, here Glen shares some of his overarching beliefs about what makes a great player, ranging from specific techniques to attitude.

If you’d like to hear from one of the best players in the game and learn a few easily applicable tricks, take a look at the video below. Enjoy!


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