Who’s Your Pickleball Hero? Hall of Fame Accepting Nominations for 2018

Last year PickleballCentral, the USAPA and IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) created the Pickleball Hall of Fame and welcomed the first inductees into pickleball history.

It’s now time to recognize a whole new host of superstar pickleball heroes to the Hall of Fame, from volunteers to pro players and big-hearted community leaders. If you know of someone who’s offered significant contributions to the sport and made the world of pickleball a brighter place, now’s the time to nominate them for this year’s vote.

To do so, you’ll simply need to visit the Pickleball Hall of Fame and provide a few details regarding your nominee.

There are two different forms available for use: one for competitors (high-level players who have impressive achievements and shown top sportsmanship) and one for contributors (individuals who have grown pickleball’s reach and reputation).

Pickleball Hall of Fame 2017

The Pickleball Hall of Fame would love to hear from you and ensure that all of our community’s top representatives have a shot at gaining more widespread recognition.

Nominations will be open until April 1, 2018, so be sure to get your applications in soon!

If your nominee successfully makes the cut, they will then have the opportunity to be selected by the committee’s vote to be inducted into the Hall of Fame itself. Inductees are introduced at the USAPA Championships and will have plaques presented to them to honor their accomplishments.

Pickleball Hall of Fame Inductees

We look forward to hearing more about all the wonderful people that make our pickleball community so great. Visit the Hall of Fame site to submit your nominees today.

If you’d like to take a look at last year’s finalists and resulting inductees, simply visit the links shown here.

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  1. Would there be any interest in a two-woman 75+ WD team creating and participating in a 2018 Pickleball Tour….traveling states of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona and many in tournaments in Texas? Total tournaments in 2018 will be approximately 20 tournaments, playing Singles also and we have medaled in many. This was a challenge for us to show that Pickleball ages are for the 75+ group to enjoy plus many, many more years to come.

    Jan Pahde & Patsy Wilson

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