The Engage Elite Pro Pickleball Paddle Is Not Just For The Pros

Engage is a well-established manufacturer of pickleball paddles with a successful line-up including the popular Encore series. Recently Engage launched their new Engage Elite Pro pickleball paddle, which turned more than a few heads at the 2017 US OPEN, many of them belonging to pros.

Out of the 48 pro level medals won at the US OPEN, 21 were taken with Engage paddles.

The new Elite Pro was responsible for 9 of them. 

What makes the Engage Elite Pro different?

The Engage designers emphasize three key features that make the paddle unique: the paddle’s skin, shape and positioning of the sweet spot.

“Liquid Graphite” Skin

The Elite Pro was developed using their new “chemically bonded skin” (they call it “liquid graphite”), created to enhance playability, touch, power, control and spin.

This special composite fiberglass skin works well with all types of balls and court surfaces, whether playing outdoors with a Dura ball or indoors with a Jugs ball. With such performance and versatility, players enjoy a versatile paddle they can be used in any situation.

Longer Shape, Bigger Sweet Spot

The shape of the Engage Elite Pro is another distinguishing characteristic. The size of many previous Engage paddles was 15.5 x 8.25 inches. At 16 x 8 inches, the Elite Pro maximizes the USAPA size requirements, providing more length and a taller sweet spot.

The sweet spot was also moved higher on the paddle face, providing more power while still offering control. We’re hearing that this paddle provides a “feel” like no other.

Quiet Core

The Engage Elite Pro is constructed with a polymer core and engineered to create less vibration, helping to keep players healthy and minimize injuries such as tennis elbow. It is also designed to pass the most stringent community noise requirements. It has a 4.25 inch grip circumference, 5″ grip length and comes in a weight range of 7.8 to 8.3 ounces.

Created with input from top players, the initial idea for the Engage Elite Pro paddle began as the signature paddle for pros Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova. Matt and Lucy, along with pros Brian Staub, Ben Johns and many others, are using the Elite Pro with impressive results.

The Engage Elite Pro is currently available in red and white as well as the Lucy Kovalova edition (white with maroon fade) and the Matt Wright edition (navy with yellow fade).

Recreational players shouldn’t let the paddle’s name convince them they can’t use it. The Engage Elite Pro is designed for everyone–the touch player, the power player and those who just want to have fun with a high quality paddle.

Comment from our in-house pros at PickleballStation

“The Elite Pro is definitely a great paddle. It has a lot of power but still feels ‘soft,’ making it easy to control balls and counter slams.”

For more information about this innovative and versatile paddle, see the Engage Elite Pro technical specs.

2 thoughts on “The Engage Elite Pro Pickleball Paddle Is Not Just For The Pros

  1. I’m new (6 mos) to Pickleball. 4 mos ago I purchased an Encore Pro. Absolutely love it – it elevated my game. Just bought an Elite Pro and it really feels heavy at 8.4 vs the 7.9 Encore Pro. I don’t seem to have a prob w/ power game but I’m always looking for more speed at the net. Should I send it back w/o using it and ask for a lighter one or try it to see if I can adjust. I know this is all about personal pref. What are other finesse players saying? Thanks for your help. Love your product.

    • Hi Rual,

      You’re right, the ideal weight and paddle features depend on personal preference, and it takes playing with several options to figure out which works best for you. Moving up 1/2 an ounce in weight is fairly significant, and 8.4 oz. is on the heavier side in general. Tennis players and those who prefer a power game tend to enjoy paddles in that range, but if you’re more finesse-oriented and enjoy your 7.9 oz paddle, then we’d recommend giving a lighter Elite Pro a shot. I went and checked and it looks like we do have several at 8.0 oz, which ought to be easier to adapt to.

      We do have have a 30-day risk-free paddle return policy, so even if the lighter weight doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you can exchange it for a different paddle within that time as well.

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