PickleballCentral “All Heart” Award: Galax Rec Center Picklers

The Galax Rec Center Picklers are a small group of 8-9 players who donated equipment to Galax Elementary school to get a pickleball program started. The surprise is evident when the teacher came into the gym to see the equipment for the first time.

All of the teachers and students at Galax Elementary were thrilled with having pickleball at their school!

The PE teacher went to a conference this week and heard about the new sport of pickleball sweeping the USA. She really strutted, telling how her students at Galax Elementary were already set up and playing pickleball.

The Galax Rec. Center Picklers would like to challenge other pickleball clubs to furnish their schools with pickleball sets.  The rewards and the smiles are absolutely worthwhile!

Congrats to all!

One thought on “PickleballCentral “All Heart” Award: Galax Rec Center Picklers

  1. If you want ideas of how to use Pickleball as a class project, contact me at slove4ushr@aol.com. or at 214.803.4489. I am a volunteer at my elementary school in Dallas, Texas and exposed P-ball to three grade levels over a week. [The regular PE instructor was caring for a dying family member.] I found a way to minimize the paddle as a source on injury in a crowded gym WHILE maximizing actually hitting the ball and NOT standing around WATCHING others hit the ball. No easy task when dealing with kids never having an experience with any paddle sport. Call me if you think I can help. [I am in my fourth year of playing the game at the neighborhood Y.]

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