Huntsman Pickleball Golds Won in Registration

Like many, I stayed up till midnight on Tuesday to register for the Huntsman World Senior Games. It was a competition in its own right, and some walked away winners.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them.

Huntsman World Senior Games

A note: I have nothing but respect for the wonderful people running the Games, and this is no reflection on them. I just had to take a moment to lament a missed opportunity and share my tale of woe!

The Huntsman Games provided detailed instructions on how to register for pickleball. It was my opportunity to get into the world’s largest multi-sport event for 50+ athletes, and with them celebrating a 30th anniversary no less, I wanted to be prepared.

Beginning months before the deadline, I studied the “how to register for pickleball” formula with engineering precision—hey, I am an engineer!

But alas. I’m no software engineer, and that night I found my technical skills lacking.

I sat on the couch for hours past bedtime watching World Tennis, thinking I was as prepared as Djokavic when he trounced the 47th player in the world.

Woman watching TV

Not so patiently waiting (Credit: Eric Driggers)

My mental list checked out: Both partners identified. Both partners had Huntsman accounts and athlete numbers. My USAPA membership number was active and ready. Credit card prepared. Even my lodgings were booked.

When the Athlete Registration countdown screen flashed to zero, I took off. Enter, enter enter!

By 12:02, after hitting the enter screen many times, I was ushered onto the sacred registration screen. I had completed the registration entries for all four pickleball events. The only difficulty I had was entering my skill rating. The screen would not accept my entry for about 20 seconds.

With every entry filled, I hit the “Continue Registration” button at 12:03. I clicked it again. And again.

After 5-10 minutes and countless clicks, I was rewarded with the next screen. But something seemed off. I owed $199 for 12 events? No time to question it, just pay!

I entered my credit card number and its expiration date. The date worked, but I could only enter four digits for the number.

Who has a four-digit credit card!?


Why me? Why now? (Credit: rumolay)

The instructions required payment for registration, so I backed up and started from the beginning. I tried entering only men’s doubles, even though the instructions explicitly said to list all partners and events on the registration screen.

Enter! Yet I still couldn’t submit my credit card number.

I got an email at 12:10 saying I was waitlisted for men’s doubles. Back on the registration screen, all events were full except singles.

I frantically tried to register just for singles, but six attempts later, I’d found no success. As soon as singles showed full I tried my luck one more time for the road, but was again told I was waitlisted.

I may have won in the Grand Canyon State Games four days ago with Larry Moon, but I lost big time Tuesday night.

If only my technical prowess was up to snuff!

Sad baby

My mood today (Credit: Donnie Ray Jones)

Maybe somebody was able to game the system, or maybe I gamed myself. (It wouldn’t be the first time.)

Anyone else miss out and want to commiserate?

2 thoughts on “Huntsman Pickleball Golds Won in Registration

  1. I, too, thought I was prepared as I could be! Even had 2 computers watching the countdown! First I was confused at the appearance of the page. I expected to see age group and skill group, but all I saw was doubles, mixed doubles and singles with boxes to pick my skill level. I only wanted to play age group. I checked both doubles and mixed and tried to move to the next page without picking skill level. When it wouldn’t let me I filled in my skill level. When I tried to advance to the next page, I got a page error! I think it was 502 or something like that. I back arrowed and tried again with the same result. I immediately went to my other computer which was ready to go, but got the same page error. I was not told it was closed and was not given any info about the wait list. I back arrowed once too many times and had to hit the registration tab again to get back to the page. This time everything was closed and I was put on 2 wait lists. Those emails were sent to me at 12:11 Utah time (2:11 Eastern) Their system couldn’t stand the load. I was there and was able to select 2 events, but couldn’t get beyond that! Frustration! And no sleep before – or after as I was too upset about it!

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  2. No whining here, just fact. I have medalled in several previous years and have also helped to grow the sport of pickleball while serving as an ambassador. And all those in the same boat do not get any priority registration. So, until their registration priorities change, I won’t be attending the Huntsman tournament any more. I have talked with the usapa president, the chairman of competitions and the director of ambassadors with no results. So, I suppose there will be a lot of 3.0 “johnny come lately s” with computer skills in future Huntsmans. The horns will just go elsewhere to play and life will go on and the son will still come up.

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