2 Easy Ways to Organize Paddles for Open Play

Are your pickleball courts so busy that you have to wait your turn to play? If so, how do you remember who’s next in line?

It seems many players resort to lying out their paddles on a bench, moving them along a chain link fence (what happens if they fall? yikes!) or simply using a sign-up form. But surely there’s got to be a better way?

We currently know of two options that offer a simple, flexible system for storing paddles and maintaining order during open play. Which one sounds most enticing to you?

Paddle Saddle

Paddle Saddle

The Paddle Saddle is a convenient paddle holder that can be attached to a chain link fence. Several tubes provide space for paddles, while a “Next” marker slides along the outer support to show which player is waiting in the wings for a game.

It’s a smart way to make sure your paddles are protected and accessible while ensuring you know who’s up next. The only downside is that you do have to remember to slide the “Next” marker, but no doubt the upcoming players will make sure everyone knows where it should be…

You can find the Paddle Saddle at this site.

Lone Jones' Rotating Paddle Holder

(Image Credit: Jennifer Lucore)

Lon Jones’ Rotating Paddle Holder

This elegant paddle holder was created for the Castle Creek Pickleball Club at Escondido, CA. The nice thing about this setup is that it doesn’t require manual movement at all. You just place your paddles in the holder, and gravity pulls the next paddles into the “waiting” position once equipment is removed.

Lon eventually wants to create a universal mount, stronger sealed bearings and a more compact design, but we think it’s pretty impressive as is! Unfortunately it looks like Lon isn’t selling these via a store yet, but you can get in touch with the Castle Creek group to see if he might be willing to make more.

How does your group keep everyone organized when there are players waiting for games?

11 thoughts on “2 Easy Ways to Organize Paddles for Open Play

    • Hi Rick, Thanks for your inquiry. The Paddle Saddle had a website started in 2016, but it looks like it is no longer available. We do have a Paddle Center on PickleballCentral.com. Hope this helps, Eliza


    • I ordered t2 PaddleSaddles in late October 2021. They were never delivered as promised later in November. Our group is very disappointed as it looked like a really good solution to our rotation needs and it was an attractive holder. So disappointed this product does not appear available. American Express got my money back for me.


    • Hi Sue,

      We’re not associated with PaddleSaddle so unfortunately I don’t know when they’ll be returning. Someone might have more info if you get in touch via the email they have listed on their site (info@PaddleSaddle.com).


    • My pleasure, Dale, glad to spread the word! We do hear of picklers looking for paddle storage/holding options on a regular basis, so hopefully we’ll continue to see great solutions like yours on the market.


    • We are interested in the PaddleSaddle but unable to find a pricing link on the web site.
      Dan Perrin
      Cypress Lakes Pickleball


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