Oyster Bay Pickleball Club Transitions from Tennis to Pickleball Courts

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in this business, it’s that when a determined group of picklers get together, they can make anything happen. In Dowell, Maryland the Oyster Bay Pickleball Club has completed their project of transitioning several unused tennis courts to 4 much-loved pickleball courts.

Oyster Bay courts before...

Oyster Bay courts before…

We were particularly flattered to hear that they completed this giant undertaking using supplies and equipment from PickleballCentral!

Cecelia Rasmussen, Chairman of the OBP Club, decided to move forward with the project when PBC ran a clearance sale on Wilson equipment.

“We used our PBC club discount code for additional savings and got a great deal. As always, PBC made it easy for us to make the decision. Our courts look beautiful and professional grade.”

And the lovely Oyster Bay courts after!

And the lovely courts after!

Rasmussen indicated that there were hundreds of labor hours put in from the volunteer residents at Oyster Bay. Trench digging, crack filling, post hole installation, painting, lining… all the ingredients needed to accomplish the stunning end result.

Congratulations to OBP on their success and truly incredible courts! They sound like a fun group for many reasons. Check out our post about their epic superhero tournament if you haven’t seen it already.

If you or any players you know may be interested in our Club Rewards Program, be sure to read more here and either email or give us a call to start getting discounts on your equipment, too.

3 thoughts on “Oyster Bay Pickleball Club Transitions from Tennis to Pickleball Courts

  1. We Pickleball lovers in Chewelah, WA, just completed four Pickleball courts from one old tennis court on our golf course- all paid for with volunteer labor and pledge money– no funds needed from the golf course! We are all very happy and proud!

    • Hi Carol, Congratulations on the success of your project. Please send photos and more back story and we’ll be glad to post your story on our blog too. Thanks, Eliza

  2. so happy for you. the courts look great. i am from colorado springs and enjoy following your club. Erol Agnos….a tennis teaching pro playing and enjoying Pickleball now.

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