USAPA Ambassador Tom Widden Introduces Pickleball on the Moody Blues Cruise

A bunch of pickleball players traveled together with USAPA Ambassador Tom Widden, Lake Oswego, Oregon, aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Pearl to the Caribbean”, which featured the Moody Blues Rock ‘n’ Roll Adventure to Key West and Beyond.

Daily play over excellent Deluxe PickleNet Portable Rolling Nets had no problems with the wind. The rolling nets stored easily when not in use. We played exclusively with the fabulous new Onix Pure Ball while cruising at a speed of 20 knots.

The game was not really affected by the wind.

moody blues cruise 1

Tom brought along variety of pickleball paddles from PickleballCentral to share with fellow “Moodies”, including John Lodge, founder of Moody Blues, seen here with yours truly, District Ambassador Tom Widden plus the concert promoter.  All new players caught on to the game of pickleball in just a few minutes..

Moody blues cruise 2

Everyone raved about the Onix Pure balls being more durable and easy to play with.  Not one broke during the cruise.

Moody blues cruise 3

After a morning of pickleball we settled into great concerts til late at night. We are taking in electric light orchestra here..

Moody blues cruise 4

Moody Blues perform on the cruise ship concert stage in the evenings.

Moody blues cruise 6

This historic voyage demonstrated that cruise ship sport courts are ideal for the pickleball player demographic and should be promoted as a natural combination to attract seniors who love cruises and love playing pickleball! More cruises featuring pickleball are being planned soon.

Moody blues cruise 5

USAPA District Ambassador Tom Widden on the Moody Blues Cruise

18 thoughts on “USAPA Ambassador Tom Widden Introduces Pickleball on the Moody Blues Cruise

  1. I would love to be on a pickleball cruise, especially with the Moody Blues! Yes, like some of the other posters here, would like to know when the next such Blues Cruise is?
    Michael Schneider
    (914) 602-9186

    • Hi Michael,

      Here is a link to the Moody Blues Cruise contact info. You could check with them regarding whether pickleball is present on all their cruises and when the next one will be.

      You may also want to contact Tom Widden to see if he has any other details at (503) 718-4496.

  2. We love Pickleball and cruising. Please let us know about your next cruise!
    Jim McCoy
    Longview Pickleball Club
    Longview, Wa.

  3. Are the portable nets provided on the Pearl or did you bring your own, and is the sport court lined for Pickleball? We are cruising this April on the Pearl, with a group of friends that play PB. We would love to bring our paddles and play. Appreciate your help. Thank you!

  4. I am a travel agent and had requests from a lot of my clients to do a Pickleball cruise. Can you call or email me for details and maybe we can work on something together?
    JoEllen Shatz

  5. I would like to know if there is another cruise planned for pickleball players, and especially if the Moodyblues are going to be along for the ride! They are my FAVORITE group forever! How can I get on the list to be notified of upcoming cruises?

    • Tom Widden says:
      Go to google moodiebluescruise to see signup details for next cruise..they go annually..they book a variety of boats..the two we went on both had sportcourts..i haven’t heard of next.

  6. Great idea to customize a cruise with both things I would like…..Blues music and Pickleball. Think we should have more of these. I WANT TO GO!

  7. I wish I had known about this cruise! We love cruising, we love LOVE the Moody Blues, and we LOVE LOVE Pickleball!

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