14 Reasons to Play Pickleball

We love reader submissions! Sue Finn sent us this of reasons to play pickleball written by one of the newest players in Mason City, Iowa. Enjoy!

Today was my 14th time playing pickleball. But who’s counting?


My 14 Reasons for Playing:

  1. Everyone knows my name  (kinda feel like Norm on Cheers)
  2. Developing hand/eye coordination
  3. Developing buns of steel (just trust me on that one)
  4. I get to wear my sporty outfits unlike the basketball players after us at noon at the YMCA (shirts and skins)
  5. Working on math skills by keeping that crazy scoring going
  6. Looking forward to the day I get asked to play at 3:00 on Sunday with the big guns
  7. Keeping the ol’ joints flexible at age 64!
  8. Getting called a pickleball junkie by my husband
  9. Thriving on making my mind work faster to return fast balls
  10. Bantering with fellow players endlessly
  11. Realizing that I am getting involved in something where there are no limits as to how good we might become with effort and practice
  12. Learning from watching videos of pickleball tutorials and then employing those skills
  13. Learning a new vocabulary
  14. Laughing at myself

Do you agree with these reasons for playing? What would your list look like?

3 thoughts on “14 Reasons to Play Pickleball

  1. This is great! My top 14 reasons for playing pickleball:
    1. keeps me sharp and in shape
    2. new friends
    3. a schedule
    4. chance to sell a Canadian-made paddle
    5. forget all my troubles while playing – a complete respite
    6. I get better every time I play
    7. The feeling I get when the men ask me to play
    8. Something to look forward to
    9. Helps me drink water. I go through a bucket full.
    10. Sharing a passion, and watching others become pickleball-aholics
    11. Pickleball is new. I like new
    12. Outdoors, with the sun, the wind and faster ball is heaven on earth
    13. My jeans fit better
    14. I feel a love for life

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