Local Pickleball Guide, Wheeling, West Virginia

What comes to mind when you hear of West Virginia – well, John Denver, of course.

But really, in the world of pickleball, West Virginia is the 50th state to have a registered Pickleball Ambassador, Marie Terry! Congratulations Marie!  You have your work cut out for you!  And here’s some more information we’d like to share about pickleball in West Virginia. Enjoy!

Marie Terry, 50th State Pickleball Ambassador

Marie Terry, 50th State Pickleball Ambassador

Wheeling, West Virginia Places to Play

Wheeling Chambers YMCA
Pat’s Pickleball Courts
Wesley United Methodist Church, Morgantown, WV

West Virginia USAPA Local Ambassadors

Marie Terry, Lower Kanawha Valley, WV 304-546-8151
Ricky Shaw, Morgantown, WV, 304-692-8303
Rick Dunn, Wood County, WV, 304-428-1528

West Virginia Court Construction Companies

Bishop’s Tennis, Inc

Chesapeake Court Builders, Inc.

Wheeling, West Virginia Pickleball Clubs

Morgantown Area Pickleball


West Virginia Tournaments

West Virginia Senior Games

West Virginia Recent Articles

Pickleball Ambassador in 50th State-Take Me Home West Virginia

Funny Name, Serious Competition

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