Pickleball aficionados are few and far between in Rhode Island, but they are no less passionate in their love of the game.  From Cranston to Westerly, there are gyms, fitness centers and outdoor recreation areas that provide courts and times for playing pickleball.

 Places to Play in Rhode Island

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Diane Sullivan posted that they have a nice group playing in Warwick (4 courts 4 times a week), beginner/intermediates in East Greenwich and other groups in Narragansett and Cranston. Cliff Teixeira posted on the USAPA.org “Places to Play” website “Pickleball is starting to take off here in Bristol, RI. Recently, three of the six outdoor Mt.Hope High School tennis courts had pickleball lines painted by the Parks & Recreation department. Currently we have 46 active players on our Bristol Pickleball email list. Our group has been playing three days a week and one evening at the high school. During the winter we will be playing at the Bristol Parks & Recreation Quinta-Gamelin Community Center which is located at 101 Asylum Rd. in Bristol.

Rhode Island Ambassadors

Pickleball Ambassadors are volunteers who have pledged to promote the sport of pickleball and the USAPA in the local area they have applied to represent. They may be individuals or couples, or a group of ambassadors working together as a team. The main prerequisite is a love of the sport and the desire to share our game with others of all ages. Some full-time RV’ers are Ambassadors ‘at large’ who promote our sport during their travels.  If you have questions about how to promote pickleball in your neighborhood, please feel free to contact:

Diane Sullivan  401-374-4392, East Greenwich
Ken Worsley  508-783-0679, Greater Providence
Jim LaBrosse  401-465-6113, Hope Valley

RI Sr Olympics

Rhode Island Senior Olympics medalists: Kren LaBrosse, Jim Labrosse, Kathy L’Heureux Reidy and Margo Chase-Wells


Rhode Island Senior Olympics

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21 thoughts on “LOCAL PICKLEBALL GUIDE – Rhode Island

  1. Where can you learn how to play before you join a group? My husband and I are very excited to get into it!

  2. Just started playing pickle ball love it live in Tiverton to looking for place close by to learn more

    • I too have just started to play Pickleball and I love it . I live in Tiverton and would like to find people who play in the area.

    • Join us THIS Sunday, Dec. 3 for a “Pickleball Social” (learn to play/improve – fundraiser for Meeting Street) 10:30-2:00 at the new South Kingstown Recreation Center, Wakefield. If you’re interested, contact me:

  3. There are courts in Newport….Hunter St. and in the winter, the Rec building behind the library….Also Jamestown has indoor PB as does Wakefield at the senior center.

    • You can go to the USAPA.org website, click places to play, click on RI and there are 3 places that provide contact information. Hope this helps.

      • Dartmouth Indoor Tennis offers Pickleball indoors on their courts. They have 12 indoor Pickleball courts. Check out their play times at dartmouthindoorpickleball.playerlineup.com

    • The USAPA.org website has a list of places to play in Rhode Island. In Narrangansett, there is an outdoor location, The Clark Street Recreation area, and a phone contact is 401-284-2227. Hope that helps.

    • There is a Pickleball Court at ethe Nathan Bishop Tennis Courts in Providence—- Emeline, Elmgrove, Seasion— there is also Pickleball at The JCC on Elmgrove in Providence.

  4. Just got back from California…played in Demuth Park in Palm Desert….good bunch of players every morning M-F 8am. Dick Poholek, Portsmouth, RI

    • Live in Florida and spend the summers in Tiverton, RI. Just making the transition from racquet ball to pickleball. Any open play in the Portsmouth, Bristol area??

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