Meet the Pros: Daniel Moore

Scott Moore and Jennifer Lucore

Daniel Moore and Jennifer Lucore

Daniel Moore is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, that is, until you find yourself on the other side of the net in the any National Tournament.  Then he is one of the fiercest competitors you will ever meet.  We think you’ll enjoy his pickleball story.  Read on!

Can you list for us some of your accomplishments?

2015 USAPA National Tournament –
Gold Men’s Singles 19+

Gold Open, Men’s Doubles with Matthew Blom
   Silver, Open, Men’s Singles
2015 Tournament of Champions –
Gold  Men’s Singles – Masters
   Gold  Men’s Singles – Open
First State Games of America, Omaha, Nebraska –
Gold, Men’s 19+
   Gold, Men’s Doubles with Rich Geenen

 What is your favorite paddle?
I started playing with the Champion paddle, but when I tried the Paddletek Bantam, I really liked it.
I’m also thinking of trying the Paddletek Tempest and the new Bantam TS-5. My parents and I do road trips and demonstrations and we sell the Paddletek paddles at our demos.

What’s your Pickleball story?  How were you introduced to Pickleball?

My parents introduced me to Pickleball two years ago.  My dad started 4-5 years ago.  We love the game!

What is your preference – playing indoors or outdoors?

I prefer playing outdoors.  I rarely play indoors.  This may change.  I’m trying to grow interest in pickleball in Japan, and there are more indoor badminton courts that could be adapted for pickleball than there are outdoor tennis courts in Japan.  Also, the Japanese tennis courts are the Omni surface,(artificial turf) with sand on it and are not adaptable for pickleball.

 Do you like singles or doubles better?   Why?

I do like both – I feel like I’ve come into my own in doubles this year.  I like playing singles but I also like playing with someone else.  The doubles game results in more strategy during the game.


Pickleball Channel Rusty Howes with Scott Moore, Jennifer Lucore, Alex Hamner, and Daniel Moore.

What are your favorite places to play?  Why?

There are more and more cool places to play in Colorado: Vail, Crested Butte, Gunnison.  I like Southern California too:  San Diego, the Melba Bishop Tournament in Oceanside, Orange County.  I love playing where the sun is shining.

Daniel Moore Gold State Games

Congrats to Daniel Moore for his gold and Brendan Gore for his bronze at State Games of America.

What’s your “secret sauce”?  Any tips for players?

At Nationals, everyone is very close in ability.  Most games come down to about 2-3 points difference, so the mental part of the game is very important.  So, my mental game is:
Stay focused,
Stick with the strategy my partner and I have,
Don’t panic when I’m down in points and
Focus on one point at a time.

Being physically fit is important, but the mental game gives the winning edge.

What is your day job?

I am a tour guide for WalkJapan.  I grew up in Japan until I was 16.  When I graduated from college in the U.S., I lived in Kenya for two years.  After I got back to the states, I looked up jobs where I could speak Japanese, and ended up getting this guide job.  Since then, I’ve worked in the travel industry, and I hope to someday be in business for myself.  I’m leading a Pickleball Tour in Japan next year.

 How many hours a week do you play?  How do you make the time to play?

I can go 2-3 months without playing, and then, when I’m getting ready for a tournament, I play every day for 2 weeks, 2-3 hours a day.

Do you have any Pickleball goals that you would like to share?

I hope to win Tournament of Champions again, and the Men’s Open at Nationals.  I also hope to get pickleball growing in Japan.

Anything else you’d like to share?

It’s crazy that just 2 years ago, I never thought I’d be where I am today.  This game has given me more pickleball “family” and more opportunities than I ever imagined.

USAPA Nationals VII Mens Open Singles Final

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  1. Hi Daniel, I have a pickleball newsletter here in Victoria, B.C. I told my readers to check out your singles match with Marcin Rozpedski at the Nationals. Wow, you made some great volleys!…I was rooting for you, but,….that’s pickleball,….the game story had a twist at the end. I’m wondering if you would do anything different in your game strategy if you had a rematch with Marcin in this years’ US Nationals?

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