Local Pickleball Guide – Topeka, Kansas

Local Pickleball Guide – Topeka, Kansas

Close your eyes and think of “Kansas.” Are you picturing rolling fields of hay, the broadest sky with trillions of stars, or tractors parked for the night? Let me put a new image in your head – pickleball courts!

MidAmerican CourtWorksvia Mid-American Courtworks

USAPA Ambassadors – Kansas

While it may still be catching on in Kansas, rest assured that the local USAPA Ambassadors are working hard to continue the sport’s growth and progression. Feel free to call up any of these kindhearted pickleball players to offer suggestions, ask questions or just chat!

  • Eldonna Coats   (785) 221-9932   Topeka, Kansas
  • Nancy Dutton   (785) 272-4507   Topeka, Kansas
  • Evan Jorn   (785) 875-8961   Lawrence, Kansas
  • Richard Walker   (785) 272-6115   Topeka, Kansas

topekapbvia Topeka Pickleball

Pickleball Courts Around Kansas

If you feel like being part of a group, check out Topeka Pickleball! This website is focused on those players living in Topeka (or nearby). The City of Lawrence Recreation Department also has a nice wealth of information about playing pickleball at their facilities and league, as does the City of Topeka’s Recreation Department.

Pickleball Court Construction Contractors: Kansas

However, if you’re feeling a bit more selfish, who wants to share a court? Build your own! Both of these companies are ready and willing to create your own personal pickleball sanctuary.

5.0 Ranked Players Around Kansas

If you happen to be at a National Tournament, keep your eyes peeled for this 5.0 Ranked Player hailing from the state of Kansas.

  • Andy Gensch

Andy Gensch

Andy Gensch is on the far left!

Kansas Pickleball Related News and Youtube Videos

The Great Plains Region has a website solely devoted to news, updates and happening in Kansas and the surrounding areas.

For even more coverage of pickleball in Kansas, catch up on these reads and videos:

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Pickleball at the Downtown Wichita Senior Center

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