Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Pickleball Guide to Courts, Clubs, Players & Tournaments

Local Pickleball Guide – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

South Carolina is a gorgeous state, and Hilton Head Island only adds to the beauty. What’s better than sun, surf and pickleball?

HHSC Pickleballvia Sun City Hilton Head PBC

USAPA Ambassadors: Hilton Head Island

These local USAPA Ambassadors are ready and willing to get pickleball promoted throughout the island as best as they can:

  • Peter Kandis   (803) 422-3116   Hilton Head Island, SC
  • Mike Michner   (954) 647-5472   Hilton Head Island, SC

Pickleball Court Construction Contractors: Hilton Head Island

If you’re ready to add a pickleball flair to your island paradise, contact any of these court construction companies. They are all able to create your own personal slice of pickleball heaven.

Palmento Dunes Tennis Pickleballvia Palmento Dunes Tennis Center

5.0 Ranked Players Around Hilton Head Island

While there might not be a 5.0 ranked player hailing directly from Hilton Head Island, Cooper Warren is from Greensville, South Carolina. Close enough!

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Pickleball Clubs

It takes a lot of practice to become a 5.0 player. Check out these local clubs to really hone in your skills and improve your game. The more you play, the better chance you have at reaching 5.0!

Hilton Head Island Pickleball Related Youtube Videos

Take a look at these articles and videos to really brush up on your Hilton Head pickleball knowledge!

Hilton Head Pickleball Tournament 2014

2014 Pickleball Classic Tournament

Looks like South Carolina is doing it right!

7 thoughts on “Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Pickleball Guide to Courts, Clubs, Players & Tournaments

  1. My wife & I play at 4.5 level & are thinking about a 1-week vacation to HHI in about the 2nd week of May 2021. Wondering how many HHI clubs/courts have players at that level. Note: My wife has won GOOLD in Singles, Mixed, & Women’s Dbls at the last two Maryland Senior Olympics (age groups 55-59 &/or 60-64), and her rating is 4.7

  2. I’ll be visiting the Hilton Head area this Friday for a week staying in Moss Creek and would love to play some pickleball while I’m here. Are there popular times and courts that a visiting player could find a game?
    Thanks for any advice!

    • Palmetto Dunes has organized play & a sign up list. My husband & I are 3.5 – 4.5 players and put our names on list. We are looking to play earlier than their scheduled times as we golf too. We are staying until 9/8
      Susan k

  3. 8 Pickle ball courts at Palmetto Dunes tennis resort…pro is Mark..great guy. Sundays they have open play. There are also courts on Arianna dr..but not in good shape.

  4. Hilton Head, it self has a few courts, the club works from a recreation center and uses multipurpose courts ( Pickle ball and basket ball) the courts are in poor condition , cracks and often wet. They have some courts at a location that takes nerve to get to as you need to make a u turn to cross a busy highway to get to and there are no facilities, no water no washroom and little shade. Again the courts are cracked and are part time pickle ball courts or tennis courts with multiple lines. People at both locations are friendly but from what I understand the Town it self is stuck in the 60’s with tennis and has little interest in the pickleball world, if you are looking for good courts Hilton head is not the place to head>

  5. I am a certified Pickleball Professional and will be moving to HH area next year. I was wondering if there any clubs in need of a part time instructor? Thanks for your reply. I am Ward Snyder and number is: 772-260-6844

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