Local Pickleball Guide – Seattle, Washington

Local Pickleball Guide – Seattle, Washington

As many players already know, pickleball was invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, an island just to the west of Seattle, Washington. It only makes sense that PickleballCentral is located just a short drive and ferry ride away from this historic island.

Original pickleball courtvia Pickle-ball Inc. – Playing on the original court

USAPA Ambassadors: Seattle

  • Billy Jacobsen   (253) 863-1019   Lake Tapps, WA
  • Darcie Jacobsen   (253) 863-1019   Lake Tapps, WA
  • Chuck Pratt   (360) 801-1552   Belfair, WA
  • Ruth Pratt   (360) 801-1552   Belfair, WA
  • Ginny Scantlebury   (206) 546-5627   Shoreline, WA

If you’re looking for a pickleball club to call “home”, check out these local pickleball clubs:

Seattle, Washington Pickleball Clubs

skagitPICKLEvia skagitPICKLE

Once you’re ready to create your own version of pickleball heaven, feel free to call on any of these companies who can make your dream come true!

Pickleball Court Construction Contractors: Seattle

Wenatchee Valley pickleball playersvia Wenatchee Valley Pickleball Club

There’s a huge number of 5.0 ranked players in the Seattle area! It won’t be hard at all to find a local pro to cheer for at any tournament across the nation.

5.0 Ranked Players Around Seattle

Maple Leaf Reservoir Park pickleballersMaple Leaf Reservoir Park in Seattle

Just as with the number of pros, the number of places to play is exceptionally long as well.

Seattle Area Indoor Pickleball Courts

Pickleball Station, Kent WA
Click here, then select “WA” to see a list of places to play in Washington State.

Seattle Pickleball Related News and Youtube Videos

Check out the following links and videos to learn even more about pickleball in Seattle:

Video Feature on Billy Jacobson

Pickleball’s Birthplace – Bainbridge Island

We’re honored to live in such an awesome part of the country for pickleball!

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