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Local Pickleball Guide – Columbus, Ohio

Local Pickleball Guide – Columbus, Ohio

It’s inarguable that pickleball exists throughout the great state of Ohio. From hundreds of courts, to top-tier players, to unending energy, Ohio seems like the perfect place for an addiction for pickleball to grow. This guide is an Ohio resident’s all-inclusive look at pickleball in their state.

Pickleball Courts in Toledo, OH

USAPA Ambassadors – Columbus

While there aren’t any USAPA Ambassadors who live in Columbus directly, there are several who are relatively close. Feel free to contact any of these individuals who are always happy to help promote the sport.

5.0 Ranked Players Around Columbus

Ohio residents will rest easy knowing that there are three 5.0 ranked players by the USAPA in their state. Both of these players have one at least one gold medal in a USAPA sanctioned tournament.

5th Annual Middletown Senior Pickleball Tournament

Columbus, Ohio Pickleball Clubs

There are also several pickleball clubs who welcome new members with open arms:

Pickleball Courts Around Columbus

Whether you want to just drop in and play, or find your new favorite court, the USAPA has a substantial list of places to play. Just click on “OH” and scroll until you find your nearest city! Columbus has several places within city limits:

Worthington Hills Country Club

Pickleball Court Construction Contractors: Columbus

If your like for pickleball turns into a full-blown addiction, Flex Court Athletics and SportMaster Sport Surfaces would be more than happy to help create your own personal pickleball court. Both these companies do work in the state of Ohio.

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Keep up the great work, Ohio!

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