Our “ALL HEART” Award goes to Chuck and Linda Borozinski and the Southern Arizona Pickleball Association

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The PickleballCentral “All Heart” Award goes to Chuck and Linda Borozinski and the members of the Southern Arizona Pickleball Association (SAPA)! Chuck and Linda have worked with the Town of Sahuarita Parks & Rec department and have modified 2 tennis courts into 5 Pickleball courts.  4 of the courts rely on Portable nets that SAPA provides.

Southern Arizona Pickleball Association

Since June of 2014, SAPA has offered free pickleball clinics every 2 weeks in the town of Sahuarita, AZ.  They have had almost 300 people go through their clinics so far.  The clinics are designed to take on the beginner and spend enough time with them so they will enjoy the game, and not just thrust them into games and expect them to learn everything.  During the 2 hour clinics, the pickleball newbie gets to work on skills and not just play games. Their clinics attract players from many different HOA’s in the area because they have a schedule published on line of when they’re going to happen.

SAPA held their first Tournament on June 19, 2015, called the “But it’s a Dry Heat” Tournament.  It was a huge success.

But Its A Dry Heat 1st Annual Pickleball TournamentSouthern Arizona Pickleball Association

Southern Arizona Pickleball AssociationSouthern Arizona Pickleball Association


In this tournament, they focused on doing several things that have not been done before in Sahuarita.  It was:

  • The first tournament in the Town of Sahuarita on public courts,
  • A novice/beginners ONLY tournament. No one above a rated 2.5 skill level was allowed.
  • Open to all ages. The Town of Sahuarita is a family oriented community.

This tournament proved that there are plenty of novice/beginner players who would like to play in a tournament, who live in Arizona all year and would like something to happen when the snowbirds aren’t around.

Southern Arizona Pickleball Association

SAPA members are volunteering to  teach in a summer Open Recreation program for kids,
every Wednesday from 1PM to 3PM.

Members of SAPA have volunteered to run it for 4 consecutive Wednesday’s.
At times there have been 25 kids between the ages of 8 and 13 on the gym floor learning the game.


Our PickleballCentral “Paddle” Applause goes out to you folks who have been so generous with your time and resources!  PICKLE ON!

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