Minneapolis, Minnesota Pickleball Guide to Courts, Clubs, Players & Tournaments


Local Pickleball Guide – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pickleball is huge in Minnesota. Whether it’s because of the large number of snowbirds who travel south for the winter and bring pickleball back up north, the family-oriented, social nature of the residents or some other factor, we’ve noticed that pickleball is just exploding! From shipping just 63 orders to Minnesota in 2010 to 604 orders last year, it’s tough to argue with the numbers.

Minnesota Pickleball

There are three USAPA Ambassadors registered within (or just about) Minneapolis city limits. These folk will be happy to help promote the sport in any way.

USAPA Ambassadors: Minneapolis

  • Dennis ‘The Menace’ Gallaher   (952) 212-7516   Eden Prairie, MN
  • Jeff ‘The Pilot’ Conradi   (612) 860-3839   Eden Prairie, MN
  • Jerry Maas   (952) 918-0500   Eden Prairie, MN
  • Jim Miller   (952) 447-4490   Prior Lake, MN
  • John Barber   (952) 451-0976   Bloomington, MN

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that there are several pickleball groups that meet up within an hour’s drive or so from Minneapolis.

Minneapolis, Minnesota Pickleball Clubs

Owatonna pickleball courtsOwatonna Pickleball

You can also check out the USAPA Regional Website for the Great Lakes Area for any current news or updates.

We know how unbelievably easy it is to get addicted to pickleball! When you can no longer go even a couple of hours between playing, it’s time to create your own, personal court. Either of these court construction companies will be happy to help!

Pickleball Court Construction Contractors: Minneapolis

Mankato area pickleballThe Mankato area pickleball players look like a blast!

Support your state by cheering on any of these 5.0 ranked players with Minnesota as their home state:

5.0 Ranked Players Around Minneapolis

  • Ben Alm (St. Cloud, MN)
  • Jackie Faegre (Eden Prairie, MN)
  • Del Kauss (St. Paul, MN)
  • Rachael Kroog (Bloomington, MN)

For even more localized information about pickleball, check out these following links and videos!

Minneapolis Pickleball Related Youtube Videos

Pickleball at the Apple Valley Community Center

Minnesota Senior Games: Pickleball

Pickleball at Rochester Senior Center

Pickleball picking up new fans
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Pickleball coverage via Twin Cities Live
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Keep it up, Minneapolis!

9 thoughts on “Minneapolis, Minnesota Pickleball Guide to Courts, Clubs, Players & Tournaments

  1. I live in Wayzata and am looking for a place I can try out pickleball. i have no idea how to play. Can you give me some places to go that are casual. I’m not interested in a league at this time, maybe just a pick up game.

    • Hi Paula,
      Thanks for your inquiry. The USAPA.org website has a Places 2 Play tab where you can search for places to go to play with other players. Try the Logan Recreation Center in Minneapolis.

    • Places to play are listed on the USAPA website. Also, USAPA Ambassador contacts are available to answer questions about league play. Thanks for contacting PickleballCentral.

  2. Staying in St. Louis Park this weekend, visiting daughter & fiancé. Any nearby places to play Saturday or Sunday mornings? I’m retired basketball/soccer coach, playing 4-5 times per week in Racine/Kenosha, Wi.

    • HI Al, You can find a complete list of places to play in the Minneapolis area by going to the website USAPA.org and clicking on places to play, the MN for Minnesota. The places to play are listed alphabetically. There’s a Place in New Hope that has play on Sunday morning, the New Hope YMCA. Hope this helps.

  3. This is only a small sample of Pickleball in MN. Woodbury, alone, we have about 180 members with one dedicated PB outdoor park. Great location, poor surface. We need help convincing our Parks and Rec Department we need more space and to fix the space we have.

    • I love hearing about your big pickleball community! The squeaky wheel gets greased, so just keep pushing for more courts – they’ll come around!

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