THEIR GOAL: PLAY PICKLEBALL IN ALL 50 STATES, Meet Gail Brown and Diane Reynolds

Diane Reynolds placing 1st at women's pickleball doubles

Diane Reynolds jump-hitting, placing 1st in 65+ Womens Doubles at Tampa Bay Games 2013

I heard about Gail and Diane from Maureen Groth in Gackle, North Dakota.  She let me know they stopped by to play pickleball on their “50-State Pickleball Tour”.  When I searched for Diane on facebook, I saw many of their stops had already been documented:

19 – Fallon,  Nevada

Gail and Diane in Fallon, Nevada

Gail and Diane in Fallon, Nevada

Gail Brown and Diane Reynolds stopped by Fallon, NV to play some HOT pickleball this afternoon on their way across the country and back. They are from The Villages, FL and Diane is tracking each state she has played in. Today, she got to mark off Nevada and is already up to 19 states!
Later this month, Gail and Diane will be playing in Bend, OR at the Oregon Senior Games.

21 – Oregon Senior Games, Bend, Oregon

See video by clicking on the link below:

Pickeball pair hits Bend

Here are Gail Brown and Diane Reynolds up to 21 states! “Of course, always hoping to win,” Reynolds said. “Oh yeah, we came here to win, no kidding. I like the idea that at my age, I can still play and be competitive,” Brown said. “It just is the light of my life at this age,” Reynolds said. “It’s so much fun, there’s so many people, I’ve traveled all over the country, to Canada and Mexico. It’s just been a fantastic game.”


41 “Playing Pickleball in all 50 States— Gackle, ND is #41!!!!!!!”

Last summer when the pickleball courts were completed Maureen Groth put Gackle, ND on the USAPA website as one of the 5 places to play pickleball in North Dakota. At the end of June she was contacted by 2 ladies from Florida that are traveling the country to play pickleball in all 50 states.  They began this summer with 33 states completed. They left Florida the first part of June and traveled towards Wisconsin, then headed up and over to 4 Canadian provinces,  then down to Washington State! They are on their way to the National Senior Games in Minneapolis, MN on July 10th where there will be over 10,000 Senior Athletes competing in 26 sports. Their stop in Gackle on July 1st made it their 41st State!! Both these ladies have been playing for quite a few years. One of them is 69 and the other is 77. Both are retired Physical Education Teachers. Ron and Maureen had some very fun competitive games with them. These ladies were very impressed with our “small town courts”!! They have met many people throughout their travels and truly believe that -“-Pickleball people are the greatest people in the world!!”




1526227_395693643968036_1042459921423436094_n (1)

Gail and Diane in Iowa

Facebook post: “Two visiting players on a mission to play pickleball in all 50 states played at the Kiwanis Park Pickleball Courts on Wednesday July 15, 2015. Gail Brown and Diane Reynolds from The Villages, Florida, hit with local club members during drop-in play. They said playing in Iowa makes 43 states for them. Standing with the ladies is Dennis Johnson from Moline, Illinois.”



If any of our readers have photos from their other State visits, email them to me at and I’ll add them to this “documentary”.  Thanks for reading!

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