Local Pickleball Guide – Big Sky Country, Montana

Local Pickleball Guide – Big Sky Country, Montana

Kalispell Pickleball

Kalispell Pickleball

Montana is a huge state with ample space for pickleball courts! Slowly but surely, the fastest growing sport in America is catching fire in one of the largest states in the US. These outdoorsy people love to live life to the fullest, and pickleball is a great family-friendly sport to get the whole family outdoors.

USAPA Ambassadors – Montana

These USAPA Ambassadors are set on growing the sport to the fullest, and are always happy to help

  • Tom Draney   602-920-9881   Bigfork, Montana
  • Kim Dunlap   406-799-3876   Great Falls, Montana
  • Judy Feland   406-458-4830   Helena, Montana
  • Sue Olsen   406-579-8957   Bozeman, Montana
  • Zoey Silverman   406-579-3055   Big Sky, Montana
  • Shonda Schallenberger   406-360-1423   Billings, Montana
  • Larry Seekins   406-248-4567   Billings, Montana

If you are interested in building your own court, check out Full Court Athletics who does court construction in Big Sky Country.

Montana Athletic Club pickleball court

Montana Athletic Club

5.0 Ranked Players in Montana

Interestingly enough, Montana has quite a few 5.0 ranked players for a state with the third smallest population density.

  • Vance Christiansen
  • Jasey Leavitt
  • Mike Nys
  • Susan Schneider
  • Rachel Warren
  • Rebecca Warren

Pickleball Courts Around Montana

There are countless players in this beautiful state, and the number of pickleball courts keeps growing rapidly. There’s quite a few places to play in Big Sky Country!

  • Big Sky Tennis/Pickleball Courts (Little Coyote, Montana)
  • Montana Athletic Club (Bigfork, Montana)
  • Billings YMCA (Billings, Montana)
  • Lillis Park (Billings, Montana)
  • North Park (Billings, Montana)
  • Hope Lutheran Church (Bozeman, Montana)
  • Southside Tennis Courts (Bozeman, Montana)
  • Whitter School Tennis Courts (Butte, Montana)
  • First Church of Nazarene (Great Falls, Montana)
  • Peak Health & Wellness (Great Falls, Montana)
  • Barney Park (Helena, Montana)
  • Helena Family YMCA (Helena, Montana)
  • Flathead County Fairgrounds – Expo Building (Kalispell, Montana)
  • Livingston Civic Center (Livingston, Montana)
  • Fort Missoula Regional Park (Missoula, Montana)
  • Eagle Nest RV Resort (Polson, Montana)


Billings, Montana

Montana Pickleball Clubs

There are also a couple of recognized pickleball clubs, but there are always more groups of people playing together!

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Pickleball Sunday in Great Falls

Pickle on, Montana!

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  1. Heading to Gardiner in a few weeks for my nephew’s wedding. I don’t see any pickleball near Gardiner. Closest seems to be in Bozenman on Friday mornings from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. I’m a 58 year old 4.0/4.5 player, my wife and my brother are 3.5 players (although my wife is currently injured so may not be able to play). Any recommendations? I was thinking a morning drive through Yellowstone to Big Sky might be enjoyable, but it’s a 2 1/2 hour journey so want to make sure the pickleball play will be there if we make the trip to either Big Sky or Bozeman on Friday morning?

    Thank you!

    Jim LaBrosse
    USAPA Rhode Island Ambassador
    Facebook Group: Rhody Pickleballers
    Cell/Text: (847) 867-4481

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