First State Pickleball Club Opens First Courts Dedicated To Pickleball

First State Pickleball ClubA hard-working bunch of dedicated pickleball players raised the money to refurbish old tennis courts into new courts dedicated to pickleball. It took a total of 347 hours and $7151 to complete the project. Below is a photo journal of the transformation from tennis to pickleball courts. This is definitely a great example of TEAMWORK!  Enjoy!

Tennis courts before pickleball took over

Tennis Courts – Before Picture


Court cracks

Cracks that needed to be filled with asphalt and sealer

Cleaning up a soon-to-be pickleball court





Power-washing court

Volunteer powered power-washing

Pressure washing grime off the surface of court

Pressure washing the grime off the surface before starting the painting process











Painting pickleball court

Let the Painting BEGIN!

Painting pickleball court blue

First coat of blue, then tan paint with paint rollers

Freshly painted courts

Second paint of coat on pickleball court

Second coat of paint

Aligning pickleball courts

Aligning all courts to make sure all lines are straight

Double tape machine

Double tape machine used for painting accurate straight white lines

Jack-hammering 2-foot holes through two thick layers of asphalt

Jack-hammering 2-foot holes through two thick layers of asphalt

Hole diggers cleaning out holes for pickleball post sleeves

Post hole diggers cleaning out the holes for the net post sleeves

Installing pickleball posts and nets

Installation of posts and pickleball nets


New pickleball courts

Dedication Day!

The new pickleball courts were dedicated June 13, 2015, behind John M Clayton Elementary in Frankford, Delaware.  These courts are open from sun up to sun down. On June 28th, they hosted Coach Mo and Matty Pickleball Clinics.

Coach Mo

Coach Mo


This is how pickleball courts are built, by the strong will and determination of players that love the game! Congratulations!

ALSO, CHECK THIS OUT: The First State Pickleball Club will host “Rock ’n’ Roll” Pickleball at the brand new pickleball courts at John M. Clayton Elementary School near Frankford on Saturday, July 18.  Pickleballers are being encouraged to dress up in their best duds from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s for a chance to win prizes while they head out to the courts to enjoy music from the same eras. Snacks will be provided, and a club meeting will be held before the festivities, starting at 5 p.m.  The rain date is scheduled for Sunday, July 19.

Here is a great interview with the oldest member of the First State Pickleball Club, Marion Lisehora. Enjoy!

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