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Local Pickleball Guide – Palm Springs, California

Local Pickleball Guide – Palm Springs, California

Sand, surf, sun and pickleball! Pickleball players in beautiful Palm Springs, California can play year-round under the swaying palm trees in southern California.

Deep Canyon Tennis Club

Palm Springs Pickleball Clubs

If you’re in the area and are itching to play pickleball, check out these local clubs who would love to have you join them on the court:

Pickleball Courts Around Palm Springs

If you’d prefer to just find a court, here’s a short list of nearby courts with pickleball:

Thousand Trails Palm Springs

Pickleball Coaches Near Palm Springs

There are also a couple of teachers and coaches in the area who may be willing to lend you some new tips and tricks!

USAPA Ambassadors – Palm Springs, CA

Your local USAPA Ambassadors are great contacts who are able to answer any pickleball-related questions you may have and work hard to promote the sport.

Portola Country Club

5.0 Ranked Players in Palm Springs

Locals from the Palm Springs area will be proud to know that there are several 5.0 ranked players from their neck-of-the-woods! Each of the following players have achieved a 5.0-level ranking by the USAPA.

Palm Springs Pickleball Related News and Youtube Videos

Finally, check out some of the local media coverage on pickleball!

Pickleball in Palm Springs is just as hot as the sun!

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