How do you store your pickleball “stuff” courtside?

This is a question we hear often:  what kind of a box do you use to store pickleball equipment near the court?  We have a couple of answers.  We’d also like to hear from you, the reader, about how you store your pickleball equipment.

Our first suggestion comes from Maureen Groth, in Gackle, North Dakota.  We shared Maureen’s story on May 12th, about the project she took on to renovate a run-down tennis court into 2 pickleball courts. She shared: “[ I ] obtained wood paddles from the local school and put them in rubber totes with lids in storage benches next to the court.  Anyone in the community can drop by and use the equipment provided.  In 1 year, the equipment is still there, and is still being used by anyone in the community who wants to play pickleball.”

Storage benchShe shared:” The storage benches that I use at the courts keep the paddles and balls and also fit a couple of basketballs. They are made by Rubbermaid and are nice to sit on. I bought them online from Walmart. I think the portable [net systems] might fit!!”

When we asked Tom Widden from Lake Oswego, Oregon about how his pickleball group solved the equipment storage problem, he shared the following solution:

“We bought JOBOX Brand construction boxes from Home Depot for about $400 st time..too small for more than 4 nets/few paddles/ get lost and found, left chairs,1st aid kits,etc so outgrow pretty fast…at Wilsonville we bought much bigger box 6′ long/3’deep and wide..much happier and has breathing room so nets don’t rust after play in rain or just condensation in boxes. Now, at Hillendale Park we went online and bought a huge RIGID jobsite box and can store tables/chairs/netsets/training aids, and fencing since we’ve learned how to “quad” a single tennis court into 4 Pickleball courts. A little effort really pays off in capacity, allowing us to take typical double tennis court into 8 active courts. It has proven effective and helps set the stage for conversion to a permanent picklepark!”

Storage boxOn of the greatest things I have grown to appreciate about the pickleball community is that they are always willing to share lessons learned.  So, do you have solutions you want to share on how your solved the pickleball equipment storage problem?  We look forward to hearing your wonderful ideas!

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