Arlie Johnson, Pickleball Ambassador – Growing Pickleball in Wyoming


There is a growing interest in pickleball that is sweeping the nation.  Anna interviewed Arlie Johnson at the USAPA Nationals about pickleball in Wyoming.  Enjoy!


Arlie:  My name is Arlie Johnson. I live in Sheridan, Wyoming and I’m a District Manager there in Wyoming.

Anna:  Great, so a District Ambassador or Manager for the USA Pickleball Association?

Arlie:  I’m a District Ambassador. Right, right.

Anna:  Great. And what’s your, what is a District Ambassador, what is that?

Arlie:  We try to promote pickleball wherever people are playing. Go give clinics, teach pickleball at the YMCA in Sheridan and we’re getting up to about 60 members there in Sheridan right now.

Anna:  Great, and how long have you been an ambassador?

Arlie:  For a year.

Anna:  Great, so when you started, how many members did you have?

Arlie:  We had, like 15.

Anna:  That’s very impressive.

Arlie:  We’ve been doubling every year there, which is really neat. We’re getting more courts outside and we’re getting a dome built on a couple tennis courts so we could put eight pickleball courts on also, so.


Thank you, Arlie Johnson, for sharing with our readers that pickleball is growing in Sheridan, Wyoming.

2 thoughts on “Arlie Johnson, Pickleball Ambassador – Growing Pickleball in Wyoming

  1. Arlie, we are intermediate pickleball players. We have been in Mexico all winter and play 3-4 times per week. We are very interested in playing in Sheridan. We are here from now until January. Who can we contact about playing. We love the sport and want to play, play, play!!!! Pam and Scott terry

  2. Arlie could you send me a list of any tournaments around WY MT or SD? I would like to go to some if they are close and on my days off.Thank You!!

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