Local Pickleball Guide – The Villages, FL

Local Pickleball Guide – The Villages, FL

It’s hard to think of The Villages in Florida without immediately linking it to pickleball. It truly is pickleball paradise, with over 100 courts and hundreds of players each week. There are year-round tournaments, countless drill sessions, ratings clinics and always someone wanting to play! There’s a great chance that there will be someone on the court ready to play whenever you are.

Villages Pickleball PlayersPlus, they just look like a friendly group!

The Villages, Florida Pickleball Clubs

The Villages boasts lots of pickleball clubs to choose from, including:

  • Highland Lakes Pickleball
  • Bob’s Bad Girls
  • Geezers and Gals Pickleball
  • Coach Mo’s Clinics
  • Intermediate Mixed Team
  • Judy’s Beginners
  • Patient Picklers
  • Pickleball Just For Fun
  • PM Gals
  • Pickleball-Playing Singles

Of course, this list is not a complete list… it’s just a snapshot of how many individuals have organized clubs!

5.0 Ranked Players Around The Villages

Unsurprisingly, the Villages is also a hotspot for 5.0 players. Take a look at this impressive list of gold medal winners!

Playing pickleball in the Villages

USAPA Ambassadors – The Villages

These awesome players love to share their passion for the game and are always willing to help out a fellow pickleball player! Besides these players, the local USAPA Ambassadors are determined to grow the sport and are experts in the area. Try contacting these folks if you have any questions or comments about local pickleball:

  • The Villages – Matty Klein – 443-373-1988
  • The Villages – Ron Sangeorge – 716-228-7767
  • The Villages – Dennis Sarlo – 352-702-3952

Pickleball Court Constructors in The Villages

If you’ve really been bitten by the pickleball bug and are near The Villages, try contacting Florida Courts Inc. or Welch Tennis to build your own pickleball court!

The Villages, Florida Pickleball Related News and Youtube Videos

Finally, check out these articles about pickleball in The Villages:

If that’s not enough, here’s an entire video playlist of pickleball playing at The Villages. How awesome is that?

13 thoughts on “Local Pickleball Guide – The Villages, FL

  1. I’m a 48 year old male who just moved to the Villages and would like to inquire how to get involved with intermediate pickle ball.

  2. I plan to be visiting my brother who lives in The Villages, would like to know if there is open play to join in? Not a 5.0 player. I just love playing! Thank You!

  3. My in-laws live in polo ridge , I will be there back and forth from Dec-May . Is there an open play that I can look into while I’m there .. I’m a care giver for my in-laws during the winter months …

  4. Will be visiting during the Xmas holidays. Both 3.5-4.0 players. Any recommendations on a favorable location in terms of daily play?
    Do y’all play on Xmas? Hope so!

  5. Looking to see if any of your team leaders would like to partner with Trilogy at Ocala Preserve for some pickle ball tournaments or if you know who we should contact?

    • Haha, this is great Fran! Thank you for sharing; we definitely need more pickleball songs to enjoy around the courts. 🙂

    • Hi Jean,

      There are many courts spread throughout The Villages so it depends on what would be most convenient for you. I’m not sure about precise addresses myself, so I would think the best option would be to contact one of the local ambassadors listed here. They will very likely be able to give you some more specifics and recommend the best options available.

  6. I will be at the Villages June 23, a friend of mine is getting me a “visitor pass” for the day. I know nothing about the Villages, do you have suggestions as to where I should begin. I am a high 2.5, low 3.0 player. Thank you as I am very excited about visiting your facilities. -Sally

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