Marlene Berwald, USAPA Ambassador – Growing Pickleball

Anna interviewed Marlene Berwald at the USAPA Nationals last November…she gives free pickleball lessons…Thanks Marlene!

Marlene:  My name is Marlene Berwald. I am the Vice President, here, of the Surprise Pickleball Association and also the Ambassador for the USAPA.  Once a month, I’m out here, on the second Monday of the month. I give free lessons to anybody that shows up at 6:00 PM. We have anywhere from two to a dozen people show up month to month for their free lesson. They don’t have to bring a paddle or the ball. All they have, I just require them to wear gym shoes.

Anna:  So, where do you get your paddles and balls from?

Marlene:  Steve Wong [Onix Sports] donated a few of his demo paddles to us so we always have, I have probably six paddles in my car. We have more in the lock up box here and we keep them for just any occasion where people don’t have paddles and they want to try out the sport.

And I always have balls. That didn’t sound right. Cut. (laughs)


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