Why is pickleball so addictive?

In just about every news article and video, people say pickleball is so addictive!  We asked folks what they mean when they say that pickleball is addictive.  Here is what we found out:

Janice Hobson wrote: It’s great exercise and the people you meet are instant friends.

Jeremy Sabin

Jeremy Sabin

Jeremy Sabin answered: People who like to be competitive love the game. Everyone can pick it up easily and be competitive. It takes more than brute strength. It takes finesse! Kids can learn quickly and be competitive – not like other sports.

Anonymous quipped: “If my wife would allow me to play 8 hours a day, I’d play 8 hours a day.

Paul May wrote: “I believe the game is so addictive because you seldom get the same shot twice. Always a different height, speed and angle. It requires practice which yields exercise and all while you are having fun. Enjoyable social heckling, all in good fun, adds to the allure of the game.”

Gigi LeMaster writes: “It’s a fun, social game. Easy to learn, you get better at it fast. You can play it anytime, anywhere. You can play for fun or competitively. It’s inexpensive.”

I asked my co-workers and got these replies:

John and Sheila Cowley

John and Sheila Cowley

John wrote: “I love it because I can play with so many different people. My wife is not a sports nut, but she enjoys the game. My daughter is 13 and my son is 23 and all of us can play together. And then when I get playing Jared or David, I can get more competitive.”




Judy replied: “For me, the sound of the ball hitting the paddle and the quick rallies at the net are the most addictive parts of the game.

PickleballCentral Team

PickleballCentral Team

As for me, it gives me a chance to be competitive without much experience coming into the game.  It also provides me with plenty of opportunity to laugh at myself, which I dearly need to do on a daily basis!

So, what is your response to why pickleball is so addictive?  We’d love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “Why is pickleball so addictive?

  1. There was a cleverly written pickleball addiction poem written about 8 years ago which I’ve been trying to locate. I believe it begins by stating: You know your addicted(to pickleball)when…I believe it was the original one!

  2. At 84, I’m a widowed, retired PE teacher who has played sports all her life and loved them, but 5 years ago I discovered pickleball, and yes, I immediately became addicted, despite the fact I had no background in racquet sports!! My schedule centers around where I’m going to play pickleball that day! Sometimes 2 times a day at different locations for as much as 6 hours! I still can’t get enough of the game. It is keeping me physically and mentally healthy. And everyone is a friend from the time you first meet them! After 5 years, the desire to play every day has not diminished! Biggest problem is finding partners in my age group (now 85-89) for tournaments!

  3. It’s great when your fellow players give you positive comments….You feel good….We want to be appreciated…..It’s an addictive feeling…I know it’s only a game–but this silly activity has become a big part of my life’s journey. That’s why I sign off by saying–thanks for the game.

  4. I predict Pickleball will be the most popular sport in the world. Is not only a ton sport that can be learned quickly, but the camaraderie of Pickleball is unlike any other sport.

    It’s like a big sport family that are on a mission to let the whole world know about this phenomenal sport.

  5. What do we mean by addictive? We just can’t stop playing. We play four, five, six times a week. Our favorite words are “one more game?” We play through injuries and ignore doctor’s pleas that we take time off. We have bought nets so that we can play in our driveways and at campsites. It must have something to do with neurotransmitters!

  6. I am 87 yrs young and have been playing Pickle Ball for about a year now and I love it !!! Keeps me young! Have met some wonderful friends there !! Won a bronze medal in the mixed doubles
    Senior Olympics in Greenville , NC recently !!

  7. I just came from a conversation with a women, the wife of a high-ranking academic, who always felt inferior among his peers because she did not have a university degree but felt totally welcome with the gang of Pickleball players at our local YMCA. Can’t beat that for a recomendation for the game!

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