Setting Up Pickleball is as Easy as 1-2-3

Pickleball mania is spreading! How do we know? PickleballCentral was recently contacted by a group in Dublin, Ireland who wanted to know what they needed in order to get started playing. That made us think there may be others out there who want to get started with this addictingly fun sport and need a rundown on the basics too. So, here’s what we told our friends across the Atlantic:Basket of pickleball paddles

Here’s the basic equipment you need for pickleball: net, paddles, balls, a place to play, and a desire to have the most fun you’ve had in years!

You can play indoor or outdoor, on a flat surface that’s at least 20’ x 44’. That’s the official court size, but we recommend a little extra space all around the playing area for player movement.

Pickleball courts are the same size as badminton courts, so if you have access to badminton courts you’re in luck. Tennis courts can also easily be temporarily converted, and the USAPA has an easy-to-read article on how to do that here.

If you’re converting badminton or tennis courts for your game, you don’t need to worry about nets. If you’re setting up a new court from scratch then you will want to invest in portable net systems. They cost $160-170 and can be set up and taken in down in about 5 minutes and come with a carrying bag for transport/storage.

Paddles start at about $15 per paddle for wood paddles up to $100 per paddle for top-of-the-line graphite paddles. For kids and adults new to the game and only interested in casual play, wood paddles can suffice. Adults who want to play on a regular basis generally prefer composite or graphite paddles. Composite paddles start at about $50 and graphite paddles at about $60. Generally you would want a minimum of four paddles per court.

Pickleballs for indoor use start at $12.99 per dozen.  Outdoor balls are $24.99 per dozen.

So, a low-cost set of equipment with wood paddles to get you going would cost in the range of $250.  Not too bad to get started in the fastest growing sport in the U.S., now spreading like wildfire around the rest of the world!

5 thoughts on “Setting Up Pickleball is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Wondering if anyone knows if a revised or new land use permit is needed to convert existing tennis courts into both pickleball and tennis courts. I live in a condo community in Florida.

    • Hi Mary, I think the best thing for you to do would be contact your local government and ask them. Check with City Hall, or contact the city clerk to get in contact with the correct person. Good luck!

  2. I love the game. I play in the wintertime when I am in Florida for 5 months. I am Canadian. Do you know if there are Pickle Ball courts in the Ottawa /Arnprior area?

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment on the Blog. There are lots of places to play pickleball in the Ottawa area. Here’s a list of several I found on the website under “Places to Play” Here’s the link to the page:

      1) Carleton Heights Community Centre, Ottawa, 1665 Apeldoorn St, K2C 1V6 Outdoor: 2 Contact: Marcie Taylor Phone: 613 321 9093 Schedule: Marked Tennis Court 7 days a week Fee: No Fee Send Email Updated: 2013-07-05 by Russ French
      2) Dempsey Community Centre, Ottawa, 1895 Russell Road , K1G 0N1 Indoor: 3 Public Contact: Madelaine Brenning Phone: 613 247 4846 Schedule: Mon 12.30pm-2.30pm, Wed 1.30pm-3.30pm, Thurs 9.30am-noon (see Comments) Fee: $2.75 Comment: Intermediate Mon and Thurs Beginners Wednesdays Updated: 2013-10-01 by Bob Cook-Abbott
      3) Fisher Park Community Centre Ottawa, 250 Holland St , K1Y 0Y5 ON Indoor: 4 Public Contact: Travis Martin Phone: 613 798 8874 Schedule: Mon 5.30pm – 8pm Open Sat 11am-1pm Rec/Beginners/Intermediate Fee: Drop In Fee $ 3.00 : Comment: Winter program Updated: 2013-10-01 by Bob Cook-Abbott
      4) Hintonburg Community Centre, Ottawa, 1066 Wellington St West, K1Y 2Y3 Indoor: 3 Public Contact: JenniferLadouceur Phone: 613 798 8874 Schedule: 12.30pm – 3.15pm Updated: 2013-10-01 by Bob Cook-Abbott
      5) Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre,Ottawa, 3320 Paul Anka Drive, K1V 0J9 Indoor: 2 Contact: Reception Phone: 613 260 1299 Schedule: Thurs 10.20am – 12.30pm Fee: $3.50 Updated: 2013-10-01 by Bob Cook-Abbott
      6) Overbrook Community Centre Ottawa 33 Quill St ON Indoor: 3 Public Contact: Regis Auger Phone: 613 742 5147 Schedule: Mon 1 – 3pm beginners, Wed and Fri: 9.30am -11.30am for beginners/intermediate Fee: Drop In $ 2.50 Comment: Beginning Sept 2013 Updated: 2013-10-01 by Bob Cook-Abbott
      7) South Fallngbrook Community Centre Ottawa 998 Valin St, K4A 4B5 ON Indoor: 4 Public Contact: Gilbert Auger Phone: 613 580 2424 Schedule: Sunday 3.30-5.30pm Fee: $3 Updated: 2013-10-01 by Bob Cook-Abbott

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