Pickleball Noise – a new solution

Thwack!! Thwack!  We LOVE the delightful sound of a pickleball popping off a paddle. Unfortunately, there are some who just don’t understand that this thwacking sound is a happy sound of pure fun. People who live close to outdoor courts sometimes complain about the noise of pickleball and some have even initiated lawsuits to address the issue.

Acoustical Fencing
There are several solutions to this noise issue. One solution is to put acoustical fencing around the pickleball courts. The fencing blocks the pickleball sound from leaving the court.  One challenge with acoustical fencing is maintaining it in windy areas. In some communities the acoustical fencing was blown down by the wind. Another challenge with acoustical fencing is that it is expensive and can be unattractive.

Acoustical Fencing is one solution to the pickleball noise issue

Acoustical Fencing is one solution to the pickleball noise issue

Sound Studies
Some communities have commissioned sound studies on the various paddles to determine which are quiet and which are loud. At PickleballCentral we know that paddles vary greatly depending on the particular qualities of the sheet the paddle is cut from.  We take the conclusions from the sound studies with a grain of salt. The studies may be accurate for the particular individual paddles tested but may not be accurate for all the paddles in that particular product line.  

Quiet Pickle Pad
Steve Paranto has invented a pad that sticks to each side of the paddle face. It’s called the Quiet Pickle Pad and has a patent pending. The Quiet Pickle Pad works to quiet the noise of pickleball and doesn’t interfere with the quality of play. The pad can be removed from the paddle face but may leave a residue. The Quiet Pickleball Pad cannot be used in USA Pickleball Association approved tournaments.  We introduced the  Quiet Pickleball Pad at the National Tournament last week and sold several sets. The initial response has been good but we are awaiting more detailed reviews .

Quiet Pickleball Pad $24.99 at PickleballCentral.com

Quiet Pickleball Pad $24.99 at PickleballCentral.com

The Quiet Pickle Pad and acoustical fencing may soften the thwacking sound of the pickleball hitting the paddle. However, the sound of boisterous pickleball players raising their voices with excitement and laughter has yet to be solved. 😉 Anna

4 thoughts on “Pickleball Noise – a new solution

  1. I’m still in favor of modifying the lesser of the two culprits, namely the ball. Paddles have evolved and become fancier yet the ball has remained the same.
    Besides its more cost effective that way. Now, I’m not suggesting the foam practice type (nerf) ball but a quieter and truer bouncing ball.

  2. The pad is quiet, there is no doubt about it. I would like to see the pad made larger to fit all paddles and let the customer trim off the edges so it covers the whole face of the paddle.

    • I think the idea is that the pad is large enough for the ‘sweet spot’ on all paddles. In general w/ pickleball is to try to hit in that area. However, I know what you mean because sometimes I can barely reach a shot and it may hit an outer edge (and makes noise), but better than letting the ball slip by! 🙂

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