Pickleball in Mexico

The Mazatlan Mexico Pickleballers

The Mazatlan Mexico Pickleballers.

Brian Snyder recently contacted us regarding his efforts to get pickleball started in Mazatlan, Mexico.  Brian and Lynn were looking for a place to set up a court and found some unused tennis courts at the Costa De Orno Tennis Club.  Pickleball court lines were painted and the tennis club provided a pickleball net. The Mazatlan Pickleball group now has 19 regular players. Visit their website at www. mazatlanpickleball.com. Next time you visit Mazatlan go to the Costa De Orno Tennis Club for some great pickleball.

Where else in Mexico is pickleball being played?  A USA Picklebal Association newsletter article from 2010 highlighted opportunities around San Felipe — including the El Dorado Ranch Pickleball Club.

The USPA Place to Play website has several listings for Mexico, including  El Sargento, Puerto Vallarta and San Carlos.

Pickleball Adventure Ole'

Join the 2014 Pickleball Adventure Ole’ to Riviera Maya, Mexico

Want to visit Mexico with other pickleball players?  USA Pickleball Association Ambassador Audrey Phillips is organizing the  2014 Pickleball Adventure Ole’ to Riviera Maya, Mexico.  The group will stay at the  Grand Palladium White Sand Resort, a five star deluxe all inclusive resort with 16 pickleball courts! Plans include fun mini pickleball tournaments, pickleball parties and pickleball lessons for beginners. For more information, contact Audrey’s Adventures/Sorensen Travel (858) 756 3356.

Do you know of other places to play pickleball in Mexico? If so, please tell us about it by leaving a comment or contacting us at info@pickleballcentral.com.

28 thoughts on “Pickleball in Mexico

  1. I have been the USAPA Ambassador in San Miguel de Allende for 5 years and have enjoyed Pickleball on our 4 courts and am planing on building 8 more so we can invite our friends from other parts of Mexico to Join us for some Pickleball fun! It is a great game and is drawing a lot of visitors who come to vacation here.


  2. Brian and Lynn,
    Do you all still play Pickleball in Mazatlan? If so,what time of the year
    and are you comfortable in Mazatlan?
    Thank you,


    • Hi Ryan, sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, yes, yes. We are playing in Mazatlan and yes, we feel very safe here. Mazatlan is a very friendly city with still the Mexican charm. Come on down and see for yourself. Once you do, you will be hooked….we love it.
      Lynn & Brian


    • Hi James
      My husband and i are coming to Cancun and will be available to play January 23 to January 26 2017. We have been searching for people to play with and nothing has panned out yet. Our hotel has tennis courts and we can play there or if you know of some courts we would be happy to meet you somewhere. We will bring out paddles and extra balls. Please text or call 361-729-1112 and we can exchange contact info.
      Michelle and John


    • hi, we’re coming to cancun jan. 22 to 26, 2018, t courts at our hotel, we’re good players, hope to hear from you. 361-729-1112. john and michelle


      • Hi John and Michelle,

        I don’t know of a specific place to play near Cancun, but you might want to try contacting some of the USAPA Ambassadors in Mexico. They may know of a location close by. To do that, go to the USAPA Ambassador Search page and just type Mexico in the Location box. Hope you can find some other players!


  3. Barra de Navidad in Jalisco (just north of Manzanillo) has become a pickleball hot-spot in Mexico over the last couple of years. Now there are 15-20 year round players and that swells to 40+ during the winter. They play 5 days a week at Cabo Blanco Hotel.


    • Hi Bob, I’m not having much luck either. I searched cancun pickleball on facebook and found out about a Cancun Pickleball adventure in 2013, but nothing more recent. Maybe you could contact Tri-Cities Pickleball and see if they have any contact info. in Cancun. Sorry we can’t be more help.


  4. HOLA soy de zihuatanejo Guerrero México. Yo estoy promoviendo el pickleball con mas de 20 jugadores activos durante tres dias a la semana. espero algun dia podamos jugar juntos, saludos.


    • The USAPA.org website lists places to play in Mexico. If you go to the website, you can send an email to a representative of the Mazatlan Pickleball Club, and that person may be able to tell you if there is pickleball in the Golden Zone area.
      Thanks for asking,


  5. Just learned that pickleball courts at the Casa de Oro are no longer being used. Don’t know why. My wife and I are staying at the Inn at Mazatlan the first two weeks of March. Does anyone know of any available pickleball courts in the Gold Zone area or even tennis courts where we could,at least, rally.
    Bob J.


    • Hi Bob, There is at least 1 place listed on the USAPA.org Places to Play in Mazatlan. Contact: Doug Sanford Phone: 6691184004 Schedule: Mon, Wed, Thurs. 8 am to 10 am Fee: first time free, then 20 pesos per day Send Email Comment: Go inland about 4 blocks on Ave Del Marlin across from Pueblo Bonito timeshare hotel. PBonito is on Camaron Sabalo which is the main road through Zona Dorada (Gold Zone). If you send me an email inquiry, I can’t respond unless you give me your email address.
      Updated: 2015-02-12 by Doug Sanford


      • I too am looking for a place to play pickleball in Mazatlan. I will be there for the month of January 2016. I’m wondering if the information posted above is still correct. I tried to contact Doug Sanford at the above phone number without any luck. Perhaps this is a Mexican number? Any information will be much appreciated. My email is nancy@thevagary.com.
        I will also do the blog sign up on this page. Thanks tons, Nancy


      • Hi Nancy,
        I’m sorry that the contact information didn’t work for you. I don’t have any more current information, but I did search on Facebook for Mazatlan Pickleball and found a few references. Perhaps you can message the people who posted something about Mazatlan pickleball on Facebook.
        Good luck,


      • Is pickleball still being played at the tennis courts like last year? If it is, is it Mon. Wed. Thur. like 2015. My wife and I will be at the Inn at Mazatlan from 4-19 to 5-2. There was wordout that courts were being built somewhere in Mazatlan. Do you know anything about that? Our email address is bob61andjill66@comcast.net Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully playing pickleball outdoors. Thanks, Bob Johnson


  6. I would like to bring pickleball to my neighborhood, which already has a tennis court. I know that I can buy a portable net system and special tape or paint to put pickleball lines on the tennis court, but I’m trying to anticipate “pushback” from neighbors who play tennis on that court. Has anyone encountered any resistance from their clubs/HOAs when proposing to add pickleball tape (or paint) lines to an existing tennis court? Do you have any suggestions on how to persuade my tennis-playing neighbors that pickleball lines will not interfere with their tennis game?


    • You are wise to be aware of this potential issue. Best to be positive and upbeat about sharing the court. Gather supporters from the tennis crowd. Invite the tennis players to join in a game of pickleball. It would be best if both the tennis and pickleball players could see the benefits of both sports flourishing under a shared court situation. – Anna


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