Pickleball Week in Review, August 25-30, 2013

Pickleball Week in Review August 25-31, 2013

A quick look at interesting pickleball news over the last week.  Brought to you by the staff at PickleballCentral.com.

Product News

USA Pickleball Association Portable Net Systems are back in stock.  A cargo container of 750 nets was delivered on Tuesday.

Articles and Video of Note:

New Courts

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  1. We are just getting started with our pickleball group. We had lines painted on our tennis court for pickleball . We have about 12 to 14 players so far . We love the game. We know it will grow as soon as the heat cools down our here in Desert Hot Springs, Ca. Thanks for the updates from central. You are doing a great job spreading the word on pickleball .

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