Pickleball in the Philippines

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Philippines pickleball court

Look familiar?

Patrick Cantor walked in one Saturday afternoon and tried out some paddles on our new indoor pickleball court.  He purchased a Magnum Graphite Stealth paddle and came back a couple of weeks later with his wife.  She selected a pink Graphite Z5 paddle.  The third time Patrick visited he bought a PickleNet Portable Net System and said he would be taking it with him on his next trip to the Philippines!

Here’s Patrick’s Pickleball to the Philippines story:

I came to the U. S. as a 5-year-old when my parents immigrated to the United States on work visas.  I grew up in the Renton area and started playing pickleball around the time I finished high school.  After I started college, I played at the University of Washington.

After 20 years, I’m playing pickleball again.  I’ve found Pickleball to be an “addictive” sport, in the good habit-forming sense of the word.  It is a way to stay in shape and be social with friends who also like to play. Just before I went on vacation, I bought 4 wooden paddles and a badminton net to use in the Philippines.   Before I introduced Pickleball in the Philippines, no one knew about it.  When I showed my friends how to play, they picked it up pretty fast.   Here are a couple of pictures that show the court being set up. 

I travel to the Philippines every year.  The net system I bought this month will go with me on my next trip. 

Philippines pickleball court

Painting lines for the first pickleball court in the Philippines.

Thanks, Patrick, for sharing your story with us.  We love hearing about how pickleball is taking over the world.   😉 Anna

Patrick Cantor

Attorney Patrick Cantor is bringing pickleball to the Philippines.

9 thoughts on “Pickleball in the Philippines

  1. I also played pickleball here at Kennewick WA. Am a member in Club 509 pickleball base here in tri-cities. In a three months time we would be leaving for the Philippines for good and would miss this addictive type of games. What I like this game lies on the fact that the average age of player is 60+ years old. I playef tennis before but switched to pickleball when I got a bad knee!. Am so concern if in Cagayan de Oro City has a pickleball court if not I would bring a portable pickleball net. Maybe you can help me find some court to play with. Thank you.

    • I wish you luck Rodrigo, but I doubt you will find a Pickleball court in Cagayan d Oro. I spend 3-4 months each year in the Philippines and I am an avid Pickleball player. I brought my own paddle set and net boundary and line markers. I taught several people ( mostly only young people were interested) how to play in the Naga City area. But, finding a flat surface that we could use as a court much of the time has been difficult. We once used the lawn tennis court, but the court is being used by tennis club most of the time; it is their court and they have priority. We have used local basketball courts several times, but, as I am sure you know, kids and adults use these for basketball almost 24 hours per day. Any other flat, paved surface in town is being used to dry pali. As a result, we have been able to play only a few times.

      • Thank you for your reply! I already anticipated what you had said, anyway I’ll look for someways how to introduce this kind of game to my tennis club back home, how I wish they could give me a chance to show or demonstrate how to play this fast growing game to them.

    • Hi Rey, I’m sorry I don’t know where the pickleball court is in the Philippines. I did some research but couldn’t come up with an answer. I will contact our customer from the Philippines and ask him. I’ll update you as soon as I get an answer. – Anna

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