Local Pickleball Guide – Anywhere in New Hampshire

Local Pickleball Guide: Anywhere in New Hampshire

The Bluffs Pickleball

The Bluffs RV Resort, Freedom, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the “Live Free or Die” State!  They do not have sales tax or income tax, so the citizens of New Hampshire still live up to their auspicious revolutionary heritage.  The state also has some of the largest ski mountains on the East Coast with it’s share of recreation towns, many of which now have pickleball.  Enjoy!

HHF New Hampshire Pickleball

Pickleball at HHF Center, East Hampstead, NH

New Hampshire Pickleball Ambassadors

Ambassadors are volunteers who  teach folks about the wonderful game of pickleball. The main prerequisite to becoming a pickleball ambassador is a love of pickleball and the desire to share it with others of all ages. The following New Hampshire Ambassadors will gladly answer your questions about the best way to grow pickleball in your area:

Berlin — Ronald Devoid 603-723-6730
Deerfield — Walt Hooker 603-463-5840
Manchester — Jim Eddinger 603-836-5766
Manchester — Don Yergeau 603-657-4950
Nashua — Douglas Price 603-888-2101
Western New Hampshire-Lake Sunapee — Laura Trow 603-863-1436


New Hampshire Court Construction Companies

Versa Court New Hampshire

Sport Court of Massachusetts

 New Hampshire Tournaments

Rockin’ at the Rock Pickleball Tournament
July Jubilee Pickleball Tournament
Granite State Senior Games
New Hampshire Masters Games

Places to Play in New Hampshire

HHF New Hampshire Pickleball

Pickleball East Hampstead

Claremont Community Center, Claremont
Cedar Waters Village Nudist Resort, Nottingham
Hidden Valley Golf & RV Park, Derry
Garrison School, Dover
Hooksett Town Hall, Hooksett
Eastman Community Association, Grantham
Laconia Community Center, Laconia
Mountainside Racquet and Fitness Center
, New London
Greater Manchester YMCA, Manchester
Woodward Park, New London
Outing Club Indoor Center, New London
HHH Fitness Center, East Hampstead
The Rim Sports Complex, Hampton
Talent Hall, Litchfield

Greater Litchfield Pickleball

Recent New Hampshire Articles

The Outing Club

Links to New Hampshire YouTube Videos

More Pickleball in New Hampshire

Before we sign off: Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there!

Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide

It’s hard to pick out holiday gifts. We get it, and we’re here to help.

PBC Holiday Gift Guide Banner

For the Avid Athlete

We all have that friend who is always keeping up with current sport scores, seeking out the newest equipment to hit the market and talking in sports lingo. You’ll win their heart when you surprise them with any or all of these products.

Product Details:

For the Girly Girl

Some girls like pink – other girls love pink. For those ladies out there who are ready to channel their inner sparkle-addicted, pink-loving, pickleball fashionista, these products are for you. There really is no such thing as “too much pink” (or turquoise)!

Product Details:

For the Proud Pickleballer

Pickleball players really enjoy showing off their love for the sport loud and proud. Actions speak louder than words, but words can definitely help you express your passion. These products are either unique to pickleball (such as the shirts, license plate and cover) or great gifts for this type of person.

Product Details:

For the Bewildered Beginner

We love beginners! Even the best 5.0 players had to start somewhere. All you really need is confidence and a paddle (we recommend the Rally Graphite – it’s really, truly, 100% the best paddle for beginners) but these other doohickeys will definitely help as well.

Product Details:

For the Classic Charmer

There are some pieces that just stand the test of time even as people, cultures and environments change. For those men out there that are always reminiscing about the “good ‘ol days” or just have a more sophisticated palette, these products should tickle your fancy.

Product Details:

Of course, it’s the thought behind each and every gift that truly matters. We’re wishing you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season full of pickleball. Pickle on!

LOCAL PICKLEBALL GUIDE – North Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is a tennis city that is slowly warming up to pickleball.  Most folks who play pickleball in Georgia can be found in the Atlanta suburbs.  You pickleball fans, you know how to win over your tennis friends, right?

Places to Play

A comprehensive list of places to play in the state of Georgia can be found on the USAPA.org website, Places to Play listing.  One place deserves special recognition:

Pickleball at The Village at Towne Lake - Earley Court

Pickleball at The Village at Towne Lake

The Village at Towne Lake, Woodstock, Georgia  is the home to the very first community pickleball court in the area. The court is named after Dr. Thomas Earley, who is well known among the Georgia Pickleballmania crowd.


Ambassadors are volunteers who have pledged to promote the sport of pickleball and the USAPA in the local area they have applied to represent. They may be individuals or couples, or a group of ambassadors working together as a team. The main prerequisite is a love of the sport and the desire to share our game with others of all ages.   These folks welcome your questions about promoting pickleball in your community:

Ann Earley  770-401-7355  Canton GA
Tom Earley  770-401-7355  Canton GA
Larry Pullman  678-457-4272  Atlanta GA
Patrice Dunn  678-230-3620C  Cartersville GA
Steven Dunn  678-613-0341C  Cartersville GA
Alan Bragman  678-777-1161  Atlanta GA

Court Construction Companies

If you are planning to build a pickleball court, these companies have experience in building sport courts in your area:

CBA SPORTS – http://www.cbasports.us/
Talbot Tennis – http://www.talbottennis.com/
Certified Tennis Court Listing http://www.sportsbuilders.org/tennis/ctcb.cfm


Pickleball Clubs organize for fun and for pickleball competitions.  These clubs are in located in the North Atlanta vicinity:

North Georgia Pickleball Club
Marcus JCC of Atlanta


The USAPA.org website lists all registered tournaments in the U. S.  The North GA Pickleball Club Annual Fall Classic is one of the local tournaments that offer an opportunity for rated competition.

Recent Articles

You can read about pickleball in the North Atlanta area by clicking the links below:

North Georgia Pickleball Club

Pickleball Craze reaches Atlanta Suburbs

The Perils of Pickleball

Links to YouTube Videos

The North Georgia Pickleball Club



PickleballCentral All Heart Award: The Pickleball North Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I love pickleball!

Ross Community Center pickleball

Andy McLaren, 66, of Brighton Heights plays pickleball against Barb Adams, 72, of Ross, at the Ross Community Center

Every time we hear about a group that loves to play with a purpose, like raising money for a local food bank, we try to find out the back story.  So when Pam Block emailed PickleballCentral for some support for their tournament last month, we contacted her and got the Pickleball North story.  Enjoy reading about our newest All Heart Pickleball Award Winner!

The Pickleball North Pickleball Club in Pittsburgh, PA, has 140 people on their email list. They started with about 5 players in February, 2012. The group started playing in a local church and were given lessons by a teaching tennis pro. The oldest member, Ralph Young played all the time, even the week before he died.  He was 86 years old.  Pam Block is a former tennis player.  She was invited to play the first time in April of that same year.   Most members are retired, except her son, who plays when he visits from Washington, DC.  Pam’s motto is:  “When it stops being fun, I’m done!”

Pam is a pickleball scheduler for the club.  She emails a weekly play schedule out to the membership.  They play at a community center and 2 – 3 churches.   They are growing pickleball and helping the community.  That’s what sets their club apart.  They are a welcoming and caring group.  The fourth bi-annual tournament was held this year on October 28th.  It was a fun day with lots of fun competition.  This last tournament was sponsored by PickleballCentral and Gamma Sports.  Thrivent Financial also gave them a grant of $250 that was used to buy lunch for participants and for the purchase of the tournament balls.  Pam once received a jar of pickles as a grand prize, so that has become a Pickleball North tradition.  They could have bought better prizes, but people preferred the money go to the Food Bank.  

Pickleball North

Pickleball North Pickleball Club

The Pickleball North Pickleball Club usually has two tournaments a year and the proceeds go to the North Hills Food Bank.  They started in Spring of 2014.  They have had 4 tournaments so far, and have collected $2,500 for the North Hills Food Bank.  The North Hills Food Bank serves over 200 people a month and has been doing it for over 25 years.  Most of the clients of the Food Bank live in Ross Township or in the town of Westview. Fees collected at the tournament go to the food bank.   They play at the Ross Township Community Center.  It is the biggest location and they are gracious and accommodating.  They asked to use the facility for their tournament and the community center waived the use fee, so everything collected during the tournament goes to the food bank.

The Pickleball North Pickleball Club grows by word of mouth, by invitation and through advertising.  The Pittsburg Tribune Review has run a couple of articles about pickleball in Pittsburgh:


Keep up the good “heart” work, Pickleball North!  We look forward to hearing more good news about your community service next year!


Local Pickleball Guide – Houston, Texas

Local Pickleball Guide – Houston, Texas

Denton Pickleball

Everything is bigger in Texas – including the growth of pickleball! While it took a while to catch on, it’s slowly gathering speed in the more urban areas of the state, such as Houston. We’re sure that as soon as a new player picks up a paddle, they’ll be hooked! Turn on your dancing music, take off your belt buckle and start playing pickleball.

USAPA Ambassadors: Houston

Houston NW — Richard Janish   713-686-4275
Houston West/Memorial — Winnie Montgomery   713-253-3608
Houston/Friendswood — Ricardo Molina   281-935-9325
Houston/League City — Brian Worrell   281-948-7042
Houston/Richmond — Gary Stevens   713-252-2599
Houston/Richmond — Peggy Stevens   713-252-2599
Houston/Sugar Land — Jeff Ezell   832-259-3282
Houston SW — Christopher Rampacek   713-854-7575

Sport Court of Austin

Pickleball Court Construction Contractors: Houston

If you’re ready to carve your open land into a pickleball court, look no further than these two local court construction companies. Either will be happy to construct the court of your dreams!

SportMaster Sport Surfaces
SportCourt Texas

Houston, Texas Pickleball Clubs

If you’re a Houston local and are looking for a place to play pickleball with a bunch of other fun-loving individuals, check out Pickleball Houston. This great group has a website chock full of information on where to play, local events and more pickleball-related information.

Houston Tourney Holiday Pickleball Classic

Pickleball Tournaments in Houston

While there aren’t any pickleball tournaments directly in Houston, there are several in surrounding areas. The Cedar Park Compass Tournaments is recurring and happens multiple times per year, ending with the Cedar Park Compass Championships. You can see information about these tournaments as well as others by clicking here.

5.0 Ranked Players around Houston, Texas

Susan Buerkens
Brett Johnson
Matthew Lazarine
Mohammed Massaquoi
Jan Pasternak
Brian Worrell

Texas Pickleball Related News and Videos

All Things Pickleball
Pickleball is Growing in Popularity in the Brazos Valley
Pickleball – A Favorite Pastime
In Cedar Hill area and beyond, pickleball’s popularity growing among seniors
North Texas Plays Pickleball With Relish

Mixed Troubles – Navigating the Mine Field of Mixed Doubles

Sometimes mixed doubles feels more like mixed troubles. Weaker players may feel bullied by opponents or pushed aside by a partner. Stronger players may feel frustrated at being kept out of the play and then like bullies when they encroach.

Watch this point in the 2013 Open Mixed Doubles finals where the stronger player poaches for the winning shot.

After my wife and I squeaked out a rare victory in a tournament match last year, the woman we had played against chided me for ‘not letting my wife play’.  I apologized and then politely pointed out my wife hit well over half our shots.  It was the half that I took on my Paula’s side of the court that frustrated our opponents. Ironically, Paula had wanted me to take even more of the shots. That was nearly two years ago; now she is much more comfortable covering her half the court. But this story illustrates one of the frustrations players experience in doubles where one partner is much stronger than the other.

I have also been the weaker partner and know the feeling of being the target of opponents and the source of frustration for a stronger partner. Too often in these situations I resort to ultra cautious play confined on one fourth of the court. This behavior seems to excite the opponents’ feeding frenzy. My friend Brian tells me to relish this opportunity, be THE MAN, and take charge of the game.

Here are five things to consider when playing with a much stronger or weaker partner.

  1. Discuss beforehand how balls will be taken in the center. Communicate ‘me’ or ‘you’ throughout each point.
  2. Weaker players: cover your alley and stand back a bit from the kitchen line so your partner can cross in front to hit a winner. Returning balls to your opponents’ center-line often brings your partner into the play.
  3. Stronger players: letting your partner cover more of the court will build confidence. Recognize that your partner is very aware of your attitude toward their play. Be happy!  Hey, you probably cannot win alone!
  4. Never let balls sail un-hit down the center. It is better to be aggressive and clash paddles than be overly polite.
  5. Unless you are in a tournament, please don’t pick on the weaker player!  You may win the match and lose a friend.

Glen Peterson

Local Pickleball Guide: Northshore/Tri-Cities (Muskegon, Spring Lake and Grand Haven), Michigan

Local Pickleball Guide: Northshore/Tri-Cities
(Muskegon, Spring Lake and Grand Haven), Michigan

Muskegon has a reputation!  Muskegon is the largest populated city on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan and it prides itself on being the “beer tent” capital of the world?!  Fits right in with pickleball appeal, right?  Enjoy!

Spring Lake Heritage Festival

Spring Lake Heritage Festival

Northshore/Tri-Cities Michigan Places to Play

You can find listings of places to play across the country and international sites on the website usapa.org.  In the Northshore/Tri-Cities area, you can find several churches with multi-purpose rooms and gyms that offer pickleball:

Calvin Christian Reformed Church
Fellowship Church
Ferrysburg Church
First Evangelical Lutheran Church
Forest Park Covenant Church
Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference Center
Mona Shores Baptist Church

Michigan Ambassadors

Ambassadors are volunteers who have pledged to promote the sport of pickleball and the USAPA in the local area they have applied to represent. They may be individuals or couples, or a group of ambassadors working together as a team. The main prerequisite is a love of the sport and the desire to share our game with others of all ages. Local Michigan Ambassadors include the following folks:

Grand Haven, Barbara Walters: (616) 842-5978
Grand Haven, Peter Walters: (616) 842-5978
Carrie Jermstad: (616) 402-5560
Muskegon County, John DeHoog: (616) 644-5202
Muskegon County, Peggy DeHoog: (616) 644-5202
Muskegon, Wayne LaPointe: (231) 744-1017
Spring Lake, Kevin Curley: (616) 843-8952

Michigan Court Construction Companies


Michigan Clubs/Websites

Michigan Pickleball – Muskegon

Tri-Cities West Michigan Pickleball

Lakeshore Pickleball Club

Playing at Mulligan's Hollow, Grand Haven, MI

Playing at Mulligan’s Hollow, Grand Haven, MI

 Tournaments near Northshore/Tri-Cities, Michigan

Four Pointes Coast Guard 50+ Pickleball Tournament
Ottawa County Seniors Tournament
Lakeshore Pickleball Club Members’ Tournament – Members Only

Michigan Recent Articles

Netting new followers—pickleball latest paddle sport

5.0 Ranked Player in Michigan

Marna Kaijala